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To be an Israeli is to suffer

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Who suffers more than an Israeli? Obviously the Palestinians and all others obliged to cowtow.

But imagine the sentence an Israeli gets. A life dedicated to the state and judaism. A total concern for security. The need to always be in a chain of command. Never to be allowed to voice an opinion, always to repeat the official line.

To rule over others, and to know deep down there is contempt for those miserable souls who live for day to day.

To always be conscientious of being an ambassador for the country. And to know one’s entire being is devotion to the state.

Any wavering and one is immersed in crime. I am not allowed any activity that is not seen to be covered in crime.

These are the last days of Israel as we know it. A threshold was passed. Now those in power are extra tetchy. This will not show, pros don’t show such things. And the Israelis are clever, but how can they deal with resentment?

Still, the purse strings are in their hands and these are dangerous times. The thought of them being part of humanity. And not a superior race is terrifying. But their ideology is not working. Not working anywhere.

They control. Money is the tool. If it was just the law makers it wouldn’t be that bad. It is every institution.

They won’t allow me any joy. Anyone who speaks against war is trash and a traitor. Israel thrives on war. Any war anywhere. It’s young graduate to help others.

Now it is time to change all that. Hope they let me and you live. Till they realize peaceful coexistence is better.

Unfortunately the wars between nations are profitable, and so are the conflicts in society, keeping everyone separate and blinkered. Looking after themselves.

I do believe it is the end of jewish rule. Wars can be a distraction, so can repression. But in the end there is a god or a higher force that is saying this current judaic way won’t work.

Written by morris

January 19, 2009 at 8:24 pm

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