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If the ceasefire holds, we can expect Israel to polarise

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Reflecting on being constructive, rather than jumping on the bandwagon of criticism.

What is the best way forward?
No collective punishment. And ask if religion can be separated from the state.

To digress and then return;
Even if a two state solution is found, the Israelis fear more violence from the Pals. This is certainly possible. The Pup Abbas’ forces hardly are an instrument of popular will, and the people have suffered scars.

It all comes back to basics: truth and justice. And then finally convincing the Israeli public.

We all know Syria has been the most intractable foe. Yet the ceasefire has held, so far. Similarly the same with Hizbollah. Not withstanding the Katushas they deny activating, and something says if they were to break the ceasefire it would not be with Katushas.

Hamas did keep the truce, occasional missiles were fired, and likely not under the command of Hamas. Israel transgressed the truce a hundred times more. A consensus amongst numerous observers.

Hamas is going to rearm, and follow in Hizbollah’s footsteps, and we are observing an historical trend, all the forces opposing Israel are strengthening.

The Israeli psyche is war driven, the wars until a few years ago were comsistently successful. And that rests in everyones soul. And worse, those old enough to recall are those in power.

The whole western empire is being driven by a pursuit of might is right. and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cannot be divorced from this latest Gaza experience. Hizbollah supports Hamas in all ways, and Hizbollah is very intimate with Iran and the Shiite armed groups in Iraq. And Iraqi insurgent techniques are finding there way to Afghanistan.

Similarly western militaries and intelligence freely cooperate in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.

If we can call a spade a spade we have a chance.

The collective punishment is illegal, counterproductive, and plainly futile. Yet it is a hallmark of Israeli and western policy. Whether it is the blockade of Gaza, the bombing of a clan wedding in Afghanistan, or the demolishing of the family house of a Palestinian terrorist.

And I think it is religious. It is a religious edict. And as far as I can tell Israel is run by religion. But I did not know religion should influence military tactics. And no one dare challenge the religious people. Meretz is a small political party in Israel, and has a platform of separating the religion from the state.

Iran is a religious state. And the president and everyone else is subordinate to the leader, to the Ayatollah. That is just to say Israel is not unique in this way, but it is more secretive.

Ironically Iraq was secular (another digression).

Let’s face it we are in the throws of a crusade / a colonisation / a hegemony / a grab and steal. And it has probably peaked, and is likely to recede, whatever policies are followed.

The Palestinians want the right of return, to go back to the houses where they once lived. The Israelis hate them (most Israelis). And there are the financial oligarchs supporting the right in Israel, and until now the western governments. But surely they have lost any pretense at having an ideology.

Democracy it is not. Hamas’ electoral victory was not recognised, and Iraq’s electoral outcome was a disappointment as was Lebanon’s.

Whatever happens Israel, Israelis have to change their attitudes. They can only repeat Lebanon, Georgia and Gaza by continuing as they have been.

There is going to need to be a respect for Islam. Rabbis visiting Mosques and Imams. The media which is anyway owned and controlled by speculators (blessed be: Capitalism) is pivotal.

What the Israelis endured in Gaza was censored. Israel has seemed to beat a fast withdrawal. Possibly for military reasons or for the worldwide condemnation, the both.

America is still the big arms supplier, and might, but it is exhausted, and therefore unreliable.

The end argument is for Israel to compromise with Hizbollah and Hamas. Which it ends up doing after it has killed countless civilians. It’s the mentality. The settlers can return to Israel, or they can live under Hamas, or they can fight Hamas.

With hindsight: The whole 67 war was Israel’s undoing. And Israel started that war.

The bulk of the diaspora has lost faith. The upper echelons of Judaism are the least likely to waver, and wish and expect to continue the Neocon direction. Israel has to find the strength to ignore them.

Written by morris

January 19, 2009 at 1:05 am

Posted in Gaza, israel

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