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I’d go to Israel when there is a sea change in consciousness

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Possibly it could happen?

You have to realize my options are limited. I am watched 24/7.

And Zionism is the fiercest force on earth. It is about recreating the bible times.

I am a very assimilated secular guy. But that don’t matter. I was there when Rabin promised peace. And they showed me around.

The times got darker, we can say with hindsight. But even then I said: ‘it’s the type of money going to Israel that is the problem’, No one wanted to hear that, maybe still not.

And I loathed the Neocons, which possibly now is being seen as a disastrous time and a disastrous direction.

And I thought fundamentalism and messianic wishfulness were short sighted.

Well now I am in big trouble. Anyway they were more interested in my family than what I had to say.

Keeping it all in the jewish family is why I cannot go free. I am being continually spiked with Estrogen which is taking the zest out of life, as well as other things.

My jewish identity is one concern to the powers that be. My need to proclaim it, and to share with other jews my concerns and contributions for the family of jews.

Who ever I talk to is shown the way to sleaze. If I phone or email someone not involved in sleaze, there is no reply.

I am off of the books. A nobody, a nothing.

Once the police ID’d me in the UK. And I am British. The reply over the radio came back that I did not exist. I wasn’t in trouble but the police were confused.

I have to be seen with 14 year old girls, gays and criminals. Or somehow find an Israeli who isn’t on a mission.

It is a prison on the outside. But that could change, I could be locked up, Killed, I have even been threatened with a sex change.

All this in our free liberal west. I am in trouble. Isolated after many years. My family has been taken care of.

Then I by ‘chance’ find myself sitting with people in the police profession. And they are no doubt asked if I exhibit any suspicious behaviour. I am in trouble with the religious jews. They are hidden.

You say ‘we get what we ask for’.
What did the Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis and Afghanis ask for?

There is a candle in the right hand column if you can make a paypal donation.

Written by morris

January 19, 2009 at 2:43 pm

Posted in Jews, judaism, Zionism

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