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Another way to stop the wars, is to get the jews to forget about money

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It is a waste of everyone’s life. A forced enslavement to debt is how it has turned out.

At this juncture in history we should ask. Could the jews embrace Islam and still be jewish?

The answer is yes. Human divisions always exist. Even the Muslims are divided.

Personally I could live without religion. But something in the human psyche craves a messianic approach. Nevermind the Muslims are awaiting the Mahdi, when all nations will live peacefully.

The money system is anyway sinking fast. Fighting for the Fed is a waste of time. Pumping money into lending institutions that are not lending, creating umpteen insurance schemes for bad debts, turning everyone against each other to prove the value of the paper money, and all the time producing nothing but weapons. And siphoning the money off for more wars.

Don’t shoot me now. Think it through! The hierarchy will remain. You can still police all the jews.

The moral to the story: thinking about the jews and trying to communicate reasonably will make anyone crazy.

Written by morris

January 19, 2009 at 1:26 am

Posted in Jews, Money, Wars

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