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Estrogen affects male sexuality we know. Is it a fad for spiking?

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Given the previous post, and taken with the fanaticism of the Israelis and warmongering friends. And the championing of homosexuality. What are the chances of Estrogen being deliberately added to peoples water supply? It is a syntheticly produced hormone. And cheap enough to provide in the form of the contraceptive pill. How many people would be happy with such a scenario? Many.


There is a post further down this page with the Independent logo showing the effects of pollution on male sexuality. The male gender is in danger, startling scientific research reveals


Recently there was another post on the subject here at wordpress, i left a comment but it has disappeared. While searching I found some others writing on the same subject:

The Estrogenation of the Great Lakes

LifeSiteNews: “Contraceptive Hormones Mutating Fish in St. Lawrence River”

Are we turning our Men into Girlie Guys?

Environmental Estrogen Pollution fools male fish into becoming female

Bye Bye, testes ?

Vatican Blames Male Infertility on Female Urine


Hummingbird’s Flight

In the past I have uncovered another scam of heated honey being toxic (it is Ayurvedic) leading to the withdrawal of it from supermarket shelves. I am only trying to say it is all credible. Hell we are accusing monsanto of destroying the bee colonies with GM food.


I tried a similar post earlier

The CIA, NWO, Wars, Spiking and Homosexuality

I am being spiked with Estrogen. My breasts are growing, any normal person would be embarassed to say such a thing. But I am left with little to lose. It is also affecting my heart and gall bladder according to chinese face reading.

A ‘jew’ is not allowed to challenge the official line

Written by morris

January 19, 2009 at 11:37 pm

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