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When being jewish was more important than israel

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That is all that matters. The more jews that protest the better. It is the Jewish empire that is also threatened. But they have to protest as jews not as humans. And in this last sentence is the kernel of all the problems.


Israel has been seen to ignore the world. That is now beyond a return point. The images are etched in everyone’s mind, just when Lebanon was fading.


The vast majority of the diaspora jews are of the same psychology as everyone else. Of course there are also the AIPAC types, who are a minority. But always able to appear in different clothes.


Even AIPAC would rather see jews protest than forgo their sense of jewish identity. And anyway it is an imaginary defense to preclude anti-semitism. The protest is good for the whole debacle.


When Frank Sinatra refused to play for an Italian American meeting, he received death threats, he turned up the following year.


Such are the conflicts within the jewish community. There is clearly a schism between the majority of jews and the actions of Israel.

For 60 years Jews have been loyal to Israel,  the support has been weakening, now it is probably a minority. The top echelon want to insure the continuance of the jewish identity. No holds barred.


A very clever people, as we all know. I was born and grew up as a jew.


I guess 99% of jews know what an AIPAC type is. Or an eager immigrant to Israel, wishing to join the settler movement. The schism has for the most apart been brushed aside, on the understanding that still all are jews.


Can it continue like that?


In the meantime it is as oppressive as anything else about the jewish empire.


Here are some insightful web sites of jews or ex jews writing about jews, who question the values of the empire:



Gilad Altzmon

Henry Makow


Rootless Cosmopolitan




Written by morris

January 18, 2009 at 3:20 pm

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  1. There is no doubt there are good people everywhere including of course the Jews. Let me put this way–the majority of them are decent human beings and think for the welfare of the mankind. Does killing solves anything? Did Hitler solved anything by killing of Jews? Now, are the survivors of this Holoucast by killing the Palestinian children and women would solve anything? If tyrannies in this world could have solved anything, we would have been a better place. Ariel Sharon destroyed the peace process single handedly, and now is he still alive or his punishment (according to some US priest) is still continuing?


    January 18, 2009 at 3:53 pm

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