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The questionable Sharm summit

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The leaders of Britain, the Czech Republic (as head of the EU), Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan, Spain and Turkey, along with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, all attended the Sharm summit today as did Egypt President Hosni Mubarak, Jordanian King Abdullah II and Arab League chief Amr Mussa and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

One would assume a real peace agreement would include Hamas. They were democratically elected and it is with them that the war was with. They also say Abbas’ term has legally expired.

Moving on: who are the other players? Are they supporters of Israel? Are they owned by Israel? Or do they just want peace?

If it was simply a desire for peace, the whole world would have attended. And I’d like to believe that is possible with something like UN res 242.

Are they the supporters of Israel that Ahmadinejad said would face trial in an international court? Have they all the time felt Israel’s actions were correct. Do they actively consort in military matters and provide material support, In which case we can assume they believe in a greater Israel and the subjugation of Arabs/Muslims/Palestinians.

Are they owned by Israel? Are their Banks, Media and Law makers beholden to Israel?

On the ground, thousands were killed and wounded. I suspect the figure is larger than advertised, as it would suit no one to say more, if indeed anyone knows. A million are hungry. And thousands of Israelis did and saw things that will haunt them all their lives.

Yet no one knows what role these string pullers have. That we are likely to see more of the same is a good reason to delve for the truth.

It is curious there was no US presence, possibly because of the (so called) changing administration.

There was no Syria, Hizbollah, Iran, Russia etc. Presumably it was simply a show of solidarity with Israel, and therefore her policies. The dead Paleestinians deserve to know as do the killer Israelis. But in the truth of the role of these state leaders lies the root of the problem. The people on the ground, if they were not being guided by hidden agendas would quickly make the peace.

The dark recesses of the real powers will likely bring us to a WW. And the jihadists seem increasingly to reside in white skin in the West.

Just the other day U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Israel whereupon the UN stores in Gaza were blown up, allegedly with war crime white phosphorous. Now he attends Israel’s venue. How much power does Israel have?

Virtually the entire US congress voted to support Israel’s actions. Sadly IMHO this is all very bad for Israelis, Israel and obviously the Palestinians.

There is a zealous fanatacism firmly in control in the west. That we become bankrupted by the incessant wars does not matter to those in power. Whatever our elected leaders are saying, they are actually beholden to some other mob.

Written by morris

January 18, 2009 at 8:25 pm

Posted in Gaza, israel

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