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Hamas rearmed during conflict

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Putting some pieces of the puzzle together. Something happened in Gaza we are not being told. Somehow as Israel upped it’s firepower then Hamas was replenished with higher grade weapons. This is the theory of this post. For the first time yesterday Anti Tank missiles were reported:

5 IDF soldiers wounded, 1 seriously, by anti-tank missiles in Gaza


An IDF soldier was seriously wounded, another moderately wounded and three lightly wounded in the Gaza Strip Saturday afternoon, by anti-tank missiles fired by Hamas combatants.



There have also been sporadic reports of some anti aircraft fire, obviously not much, helicopters are still flying overhead in Gaza. But there is a shill warning in an opinion piece in todays Haaretz, warning not to use too much firepower:


In 1970, Israel was immersed in an exhausting war of attrition. At the beginning of that year it achieved a decisive advantage over the Egyptian enemy thanks to the Phantom planes it received from the United States. But Israel was not satisfied with this and went on to bomb strategic targets deep inside Egypt. That was one step too far. It prompted the Soviet Union to equip Egypt with anti-aircraft missiles, which neutralized the Israeli advantage and turned a victory on points into an embarrassing tie. .Source


And Ynet has been urging the soldiers to keep there mouths shut and not report on what has been happening. All mobile phone calls are banned. In todays Ynet there is a warning:


Lower your expectations

Fighter jets cannot eliminate Islamic terrorism; tactical win is best we can hope for

It is only possible to secure tactical win



And Egypt is steadfastly refusing to overtly fight the smuggling tunnels, presumably because of local support and possible resistance infiltration/influence in his regime.


Egypt “is absolutely not bound by this agreement,” on halting arms smuggling through tunnels under the Egypt-Gaza border, Abul Gheit told reporters.  Source


From the Israeli Ynet:


Don’t count on Egypt

Nature of Egyptian regime won’t allow it to curb arms smuggling to Gaza



In summary there are red lines, and when Israel crosses them, so the Hamas resistance is supplied with higher grade weapons by it’s allies in Hizbollah, Iran, and elements within the Egyptian regime, all with the covert support of Syria and its ally Moscow.

The words in the Ynet title are carefully chosen: Nature of Egyptian regime

The civilian casualties in Gaza have no doubt weakened the Egyptian regime.

On the last day of the 2006 Leb war Hizbollah showed increased anti aircraft firepower. Which probably led Israel to accept the ceasefire..

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January 18, 2009 at 10:37 am

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