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Iran: It is not feasible for Israel to live – Ahmadinejad Gaza showing absolute defeat of Zionist regime

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Ahmadinejad says Gaza op ‘has been great lesson for all, showing absolute defeat of Zionist regime’

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Published: 01.15.09, 16:57 / Israel News

Iran‘s president says the fighting in Gaza between Hamas and Israel has shown that it is “not feasible” for what he calls Israel’s “Zionist regime” to continue to live in the region.

During a press conference Thursday, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the fighting in Gaza has been “a great lesson for all,” and that it shows “the absolute defeat and desperation of this (Israeli) regime.”

He added that “even for the supporters of the occupying regime and its leaders, it has become clear that the continuation of the Zionist regime’s life in the region is not feasible.”

Ahmadinejad also spoke regarding the new US administration, and said it must change Washington’s approach to the Islamic Republic, which is embroiled in a row with the United States over its nuclear program.

Asked about President-elect Barack Obama, who has promised to engage more with Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told reporters: “Any administration in America that takes office should at least make two changes in its behavior, the first change is in the field of America’s interference … The circle of interference should be limited to within American borders.”


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