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Turkey Israel relationship in the dustbin

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Turkey is fast becoming one of Israel’s loudest opponents

Three articles here:

  1. Turkish company cancels order from Israel, citing Gaza
  2. Turkish PM: Israel should be barred from UN
  3. Turkey rallies to Gaza’s plight

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Turkey: Israel attack unacceptable

Israel is losing Turkey

Turkish co cancels order from Israel, citing Gaza

By: globes.co.il on: 15.01.2009 [19:32 ]

Turkish co cancels order from Israel, citing Gaza A Turkish executive wrote, “We cannot sell Israeli products because of the cruel attacks by Israel in Gaza”. Avi Shauly15 Jan 09 14:55 As fighting against Hamas continues in Gaza, Israeli exporters are reporting that some customers are postponing or cancelling deals.

Industrial and dental tool maker
Strauss & co. Industrial Diamonds received a letter yesterday from a customer in Turkey, who declined to purchase equipment due to the fighting in Gaza. “We cannot sell Israeli products because of the cruel attacks by Israel in Gaza”, wrote an executive at Turkish company Guloguz to his Israeli counterpart.

Strauss & co.’s sales manager told “Globes” today that the response from most of the world were reasonable, and showed understanding of the difference between Palestinians and Hamas, but that in Turkey, a Moslem country with 72 million inhabitants, things look different.

In recent weeks, the Arabic-language media has tried a campaign to brainwash viewers into thinking that Israel is deliberately targeting civilians. Screens showing footage of Israeli tanks on one side, and wounded children on the other, are interspersed among news items on the. The result is clear and may have repercussions beyond the economic fallout. Last week, shots were fired at IDF soldiers near the border with Syria and Jordan, and last month a Palestinian fired toward Israelis in a shopping mall in Denmark


Turkish PM: Israel should be barred from UN

‘How can a country that does not implement Security Council resolutions be allowed to enter through the gates of the UN headquarters,’ Recep Tayyip Erdogan says

Associated Press Published: 01.16.09, 12:50 / Israel News

Turkey’s prime minister on Friday said Israel should be barred from the United Nations while it ignores the body’s calls to stop fighting in Gaza.
Growing Anger

Fear: Turkey may pull deals with Israel / Arie Egozi

Defense establishment says Ankara’s growing vex with Israel’s Gaza offensive may result in canceling ongoing contracts, suspending future negotiations

“How is such a country, which does not implement resolutions of the UN Security Council, allowed to enter through the gates of the UN (headquarters)?” Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

Erdogan spoke before UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon arrives in Ankara to discuss the conflict.

His comments reflected a growing anger in Turkey, Israel’s best friend in the Muslim world, over Israel’s Gaza operation.

Erdogan accused Israel of attacking civilians under the pretext of targeting Islamic militant group of Hamas.

President Abdullah Gul on Friday renewed calls for an immediate ceasefire and also urged US President-elect Barack Obama to focus on a comprehensive, long-lasting and fair solution once in office.

Last week a Turkish man set himself on fire in protest of the Israeli offensive in Gaza. Passers by were quick to extinguish the flame, and the man was evacuated to a nearby hospital for treatment.
Israel’s military industries have expressed concerns that the Israeli offensive in Gaza may have an unforeseen industrial backlash on their out-of-state contracts.

Sources in the industries fear the mounting objections to the Gaza campaign noted in Muslim countries, especially Turkey, may place various business ventures at risk.


Bear in Mind the BBC tries to put a positive spin on all this. And that Russia is one of the biggest trading partners with Turkey, if not the biggest.

Turkey rallies to Gaza’s plight

By Sarah Rainsford BBC News, Istanbul

Palestinian and Turkish flags have been sewn together in solidarity
In the street outside a central Istanbul synagogue, traders have hung huge Palestinian flags.

They have sewn the Turkish national flag to the top – a mark of solidarity for those suffering in Gaza.

“We are all Palestinian now,” Mustafa says. “Why is no-one stopping Israel?”

Graffiti daubed in red paint on a nearby fence reads: “Child Killer Israel.”

It’s just a fraction of the fury here at Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.
Across the country, there have been regular demonstrations – some tens of thousands strong.

Outside the Israeli consulate, there is a noisy round-the-clock protest where demonstrators burn Israeli flags and throw eggs.

There was a small explosion on Monday at a nearby bank that’s part-owned by Israel. This week a teachers’ organisation from Antalya sent a shoe to the consulate, as an insult.

Most outspoken though has been Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself.

They ask us why we don’t cut ties with Israel… We are running the Turkish Republic, not a grocery store


Also see:

Turkey: Israel attack unacceptable

Israel is losing Turkey

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