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The madness of anti semitism (rant)

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The anti semites stoop so low! They say the jews want men to be effeminite.

The jews are involved in all sorts of crime and all the time appearing respectable.

That Israel is a money laundering criminal institute, and that it controls other countries.

That a person’s value is according to who their parents were.

The list goes on and on. Sheer madness.

All of this frothing to the top because of Gaza.

And Turkey joining Iran and Syria because of Gaza.

And the Israelis are going to keep bombing women and children with white phosphorous.

And Hamas knows that any surrender means imprisonment and torture.

And can the Israelis tell their NeoCon zionist supporters where to go?

If Israel were to conquer Gaza, expect even more anti semitism.

All Israel can do is apologise and pay reparations, which is what it had to do before the lunatic primeval onslaught.

Israel, Zionism and judaism are now in tatters. The blowback is starting.

If Israel continues, they can lose more satellites: Jordan or Egypt, or the American congress. The clock is ticking. Now Israelis are suspects. Thanks to their warlords.

And just wait for the whitewash, brought to you by Dennis Ross and Martin Indyk: There is a peace agreement, there is a ceasefire, a truce. No it won’t wash and it won’t work. The Jews / Israelis have to change their own warlords.

Them warlords are vicious people, they’ll aim to take you and me.

Written by morris

January 16, 2009 at 9:32 pm

Posted in israel, Jews

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