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Israel can win so to speak. It cannot rid itself of angry people who will still have weapons. It can send in the Palestinian Authority which will likely metamorphosise into a Hamas type structure. Sending Egyptians will end like the Ethiopians have in Somalia, it won’t work. A likely outcome if Israel continues is the same one as is in Iraq.

When the Americans (or was it the Israelis, in fact was it the very same people) didn’t think beyond conquering, and have now ended up with an Iranian allied Government.

Or the Israelis could unilaterally withdraw and leave Hamas in power, or sign a truce and leave Hamas in power. That the blockade should never again be installed is likely, as is the prospect of the Gazans rearming.

What about Israel? Assuming she does not broaden the war to Lebanon or Iran, what will happen? Will people rejoice at a presented victory? Apart from the settlers and the right I think it unlikely. The world has shown revulsion. Will the Israelis polarise and head for civil war? Will the Israelis wish to separate the state from religion. Or to separate from the US? Indeed how much of the world will wish to separate from Israel?

And what will happen to Jewish global power? Now it is in the spotlight, as it was before this started. Without a soul searching it is hard to see Israel gaining anything at all. Like a ship without a rudder, it has no direction. Two wars within two years, the entire world aghast, and nothing achieved.

All the time thriving on the pride of being Jewish, not of being a part of humanity, but of subjugation. And it is not only militarily, and not only in international politics, but it is socially, in business, in culture and personally.

If Israel can soul search, and turn itself around it would be a miracle. Everyone has a position and a purpose, that would need to change. And there is the unspoken policing of the flock, keeping them all on the straight and narrow.

With hindsight it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. People everywhere are frustrated with the wars and with capitalism. The objective has to be that change happens bloodlessly.

And as for the upcoming elections: Livni, Barak and Netenyahu. And I was talking about change …

On the same subject: most of this trouble was because the freely democratically elected Hamas was not recognised, now Israel has outlawed other Arab parties who were going to stand in the elections. And they are going to go off and have an Arab parliament inside Israel for the Arabs.

Where does the institutionalised racism come from? I bet you can guess.

And for a lasting thought: Haaretz is talking about when all the foreign journalists are allowed into Gaza and see the extent of the devastation.

Written by morris

January 16, 2009 at 2:14 am

Posted in Gaza, israel

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