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It is the same people fighting the war in Gaza and Iraq: look at the same tactics

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Israelis destroy UN offices, food stock in Gaza
GAZA CITY, Jan 15: Israel shelled the United Nations headquarters in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, engulfing the compound and a warehouse in fire, destroying thousands of pounds of food and humanitarian supplies intended for Palestinian refugees and triggering world condemnation and protests at the attack.

UN workers and Palestinian fire-fighters, some wearing bullet-proof jackets, struggled to douse the flames and pull bags of food aid from the debris after the attack.

In another air strike, Israel killed senior Hamas Interior Minister Said Siam along with his brother and son, Hamas said.

Separately, Israeli planes hit a UN school in another Gaza City neighbourhood, wounding 14 people who had sought sanctuary there, medics and fire-fighters said.

Said Siam was slain along with his brother and son in the Israeli air strike on his brother’s house north of Gaza City, Hamas said, as it vowed to avenge its leader’s death.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who is in the region to end Israel’s devastating offensive against Gaza, demanded a “full explanation” of the air strike on the UN HQ and said the Israeli defence minister told him there had been a “grave mistake.”




In 2003 the food stocks of Bassra were destroyed see the end of this post

Hospitals Coping in Battered Basra

Posted on: Sunday, 30 March 2003, 06:00 CST


AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Hospitals in bombed and besieged Basra are coping so far with a flood of war casualties, but a lengthy, bloody standoff could deplete supplies of anesthetics, antibiotics and other essentials, the U.N. medical chief for Iraq said Saturday.

Dr. Ghulam R. Popal said he was concerned, too, about thousands of chronically ill patients – suffering from diabetes, hypertension and other conditions – who may be stranded, kept from regular treatments by the shelling and bombing of the southern Iraqi city by British and U.S. forces.

For the past week, British ground units have tightened a cordon around Basra, Iraq’s second-largest city, in order to pressure its paramilitary and regular army defenders to surrender.

A U.S. Central Command spokesman, Air Force Maj. Gen. Gene Renuart, said Saturday that British forces had secured the Basra refinery, and had moved into place so that they could prevent regular Iraqi army troops north of the city from entering it to reinforce units still loyal to Saddam Hussein.

And striking before dawn, British tanks and infantry staged a lightning raid into Basra on Saturday, destroying five Iraqi tanks and blowing up two statues of Saddam Hussein before withdrawing.

Late Friday, U.S. warplanes using laser-guided missiles destroyed a two-story building in Basra where some 200 Iraqi paramilitary fighters were said to be meeting, the U.S. military said.

In Baghdad on Saturday, Iraq’s information minister, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, said an air strike had destroyed a Basra warehouse holding thousands of tons of food for the city.


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