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‘anti semite’ don’t wash no more – mondo

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It takes a slick writer to get this message across

boy cries wolf

What Bernie Madoff has done for the financial reservoirs of the Modern Orthodox community of Manhattan, the Israel-defenders are doing to genuine concerns about antisemitism, watering them down hopelessly. A friend writes:
I’m struck by how younger bloggers like Matt Yglesias are now using “anti-semite” and its cousins in a satirical way, as in : “notorious anti-semite Ehud Olmert recently said. . .” or “according to well-known Jew-hater Gideon Levy. . .” This is significant: they are in effect making fun of a tactic [employed chiefly by Marty Peretz and friends] that has outlived its usefulness. If this keeps up, anyone playing the “anti-semite” card will become a self-discrediting event: as soon as someone does it, others will immediately conclude they have no case on the merits. It would be wonderful if this shift in discourse triumphed …


Written by morris

January 16, 2009 at 3:28 am

Posted in Anti semite, Gaza, israel

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