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Ahmadinejad urges IDF troops to refuse orders and that Israelis should pour into streets

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Islam specifies what tax non Muslims should pay when they live in an Islamic country. Maybe it is 10% ? Whether this is enforced in any Islamic country I do not know. Unlikely.

There must be a percentage of Israelis who would willingly agree to this. None of them dare even whisper such a thing. But they are watching their country be hijacked by NeoCon colonialists. And they might recall when Jews and Palestinians were friendly neighbours before 48.

Now the power of Nationlaism and Racism has permeated everywhere. And fear of voicing an opinion is also everywhere. Everyone was led on by greed and easy money, coveting their positions only to discover a thicker plot above them, and that included war crimes and collective punishment. Now stuck in the middle of it, and the world calls them baby killers. Oh Ahmadinijad where art thou?

This is from todays Israeli press:

Ahmadinejad urges IDF troops to refuse orders

Unusual post featured on Tehran’s presidential website implores IDF soldiers to take action against Israeli offensive in Gaza. ‘The time has come for you to protest against your commanders and disobey their orders,’ says post

Reuters Published: 01.15.09, 13:52 / Israel News

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took the unusual step of addressing Israeli troops on his official website Thursday, and calling on them to disobey their commanders.

He also urged “residents of occupied Palestine”, a reference to Israelis and Palestinians, to publicly protest the Israeli offensive in Gaza.

Israel accuses Iran of providing weapons to Hamas. Tehran insists it provides financial, humanitarian and moral support.

“You soldiers of the Zionist regime … Why should you kill innocent women and children? The time has come for you to protest against your commanders and disobey their orders.” He wrote.

Iranian hardliners have staged a series of protests in support of Palestinians, in particular gathering outside the Jordanian embassy and Egypt’s diplomatic mission. Both Arab countries have peace treaties with Israel.

Protesters have focused on Egypt, which does not have full diplomatic ties with Iran, for closing its border with Gaza.

In an interview with Iran’s Arabic-language satellite channel Al-Alam, Ahmadinejad urged Egypt to open the crossing.

Egypt sometimes allows wounded people and medical supplies through its border with Gaza but the crossing has been closed to ordinary traffic since Hamas seized control there in 2007.

Cairo has also blamed Hamas for the Israeli assault on Gaza.


What follows is the Iranian PressTV’s post on the same subject:

Ahmadinejad: Israelis should pour into streets

Thu, 15 Jan 2009 13:37:15 GMT

Iran calls on Israelis to take to the streets in protest at the war on Gaza, saying soldiers should also refrain from following orders.

“I call on all those who live in the occupied territories, including Jews, Christians and Muslims to pour into the streets,” said Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a Thursday message.

He added that Israelis should show their support for the Palestinian nation by joining the world in demonstrating against the crimes committed by Tel Aviv.

“To the people who live under Israeli repression in the occupied territories, you are human beings no matter your religion, race for faith. It is time that you ponder and ask the leaders of the Zionist regime why it is that the people of Gaza are being treated in this way,” said the Iranian president.

Nearly 1,100 Palestinians — many of whom are women and children — have been killed and 4,700 have been wounded since Israel launched its offensive against the Palestinian territory on December 27.

“Why is it that the people of Lebanon have to be treated in this way? Why are they carrying out a massacre? Why are they treating people, who are dear to God, in this way? Why are they killing children and blowing them to pieces?” he added.

Ahmadinejad also urged Israeli soldiers to disobey their commanders when ordered to fire upon the women and children of Gaza.

“Ask yourself why you have to kill women and children and innocent civilians? It is time that you protest over orders given by your commanders. Disobey their orders to massacre and refrain from killing innocent civilians,” he added.

Ahmadinejad urged protests to continue until “the thoughts that fuel disrespect, abuse and racism dry up”.

Since the beginning of the Gaza onslaught, Israel has targeted schools, hospitals, UN relief centers, journalists, media offices, mosques and relief workers, drawing condemnation from international organizations and aid agencies, such as Human Rights Watch, the Red Cross and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).


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