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When being jewish made no sense

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It is the essence of judaism, to be jewish. Yet what do the majority of jews have to do with what the ruling elite is carving out. Just fodder. And if they have a good soul, even better fodder. The jewish empire needs the jews who are disgusted with the jewish fighters, as much as it needs the fighters.

Israel has created a generation of sacrificers, for the noble identity. They are dangerous as we see in Gaza. Nurtured by mentors who are equally dangerous. And all the time millions have walked around bestowing their joy in being jewish.

And what is it? It is purely ethnocentrism, there isn’t really much to distinguish the secular in the diaspora from their neighbours. It is true there is a jewish culture. But it now seems irrelevant, how can it have importance when the naked barbarity is shining through. And it is not only in Gaza.

It is also in the New York Times, in the US congress and everywhere else. And what they don’t do to their opposition. All tactics comparable to Gaza. This isn’t a religion, it is the opposite.

Now all eyes are on Israel. Israelis are everywhere. What are they fighting for? Certainly there can never be enough. Even in Gaza the goals have never been clear. We are all kept in the dark, particularly the majority of jews. Another holocaust movie anyone?

They’re are going to drag each and every jew down the sewer. We are talking fanaticism. God’s chosen. They’ll kill maim and do anything. As always they are above the law. My life is in danger, and they’ve got the police too. There’s always a crooked one. That’s just fine. That’s how the world goes round.

One guesses it is all coming to a crescendo.

Written by morris

January 14, 2009 at 11:43 pm

Posted in Gaza, israel, Jews

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