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Baby killing wars of Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon all the same.

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We are led to believe all the different wars are for different reasons. They are actually being fought with the same weapons. Financed by the same people. Engineered by the same people. And the troops and advisers are all freely interchanging.

The jewish religious leaders do not like Islam. No doubt the old testament is complete with the greatest wisdom, that does not have to have a bearing on how it is being used in politics.

The schisms between the religions are a Taboo subject. Cloaked in camouflage: Osama Bin Laden, WMDs, Qassams, Nasrallah. They CANNOT be discussed. So the 99% of us have to suffer.

Our hidden illuminati, is not that hidden.

I don’t want to be a martyr, it’s just that their petty enforcers, make my life a hell, with little left to lose. Sound crazy? Ask a US congressman / woman.

We are rapidly seeing tyrants more interested in their status taking us all downhill…

If we don’t want to all die in radiation. We need to divorce religion, which is a spiritual quest, from money, industry and politics.

The hidden hands are a beehive of activity, pulling strings on everyone. And all the minorities play along: the nationalist, the gays, the police, the banksters, the industrialists. All led to believe they are in privileged positions.

And now the focus is on Gaza. Gaza is just a manifestation of the ongoing philosophy. To divorce Gaza from the prevailing policies is a mistake. Without tackling the source there can only be more Gazas.

There is something common in all people. Our hidden rulers want us all to hate the Muslims, which stands for peace, equality and a universal system (and I am not a Muslim). Our hidden rulers encourage all that undermines unity, and all that creates fear in people. And these efforts are manifested in actions on a daily basis all over the world.

Mafia, crime etc etc etc They are the enforcers of a philosophy they don’t know about. Grown men wearing blinkers. Hate, Kill, Destroy.

Written by morris

January 14, 2009 at 10:20 am

Posted in Gaza, judaism

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