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Israeli Press waffles for an end to the war

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In an opinion piece by ynetnews: Victory is proclaimed. In a particularly tabloid style. A media outlet best compared to the DailyMirror in the UK. Probably the article is aimed at the rank and file soldiers and their families.

But reading between the lines, and one would have to, is a message of: the war is over.

Guess they won the battle and lost the war.

The Israeli elites first duty is to their population that supported them. But presumably the whole episode is seen as a disaster.

In Haaretz there is an editorial saying not to be politicising the war. What they are saying is: Olmert, Barak and Livni are looking at their respective parties chances of winning in the elections, and therefore contradicting each other. Such publicising of infighting suggests a sense of no direction.

What was their philosophy to start with? Apartheid… Racism…

No one dare mention the role of the religious, aren’t they the mentors?

Meantime the living population of Gaza lies injured and hungry.


The danger of politicization

By Haaretz Editorial

As the days pass, there is growing concern that Operation Cast Lead is undergoing a process of politicization, and that the internal power struggles are undermining the ability of the transition government to reach an agreement.

The objectives of the operation and the new conditions for its conclusion, which have been set forth by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, sound much like those he enunciated in his speech before the Knesset on July 17, 2006. Even then, he declared that the Second Lebanon War was aimed at bringing about a complete cease-fire along the northern border, the deployment of the Lebanese army throughout all of southern Lebanon, removing Hezbollah from the area, and the complete eradication of the missile threat against Israeli civilians. The result, obviously, was different.

Only now a row has plowed through the barrier of silence, and the settling of political scores has begun on the backs of IDF soldiers and residents of the south, as if there were no tomorrow. The shrill voices need to be cast aside in favor of the formulation of a responsible, sober policy, which will yield a cease-fire as soon as possible.

Haaretz –more–


A dangerous victory
Now that Israel won on the battlefield, we must make sure to win diplomatic war

Guy Bechor
Published: 01.12.09, 02:09 / Israel Opinion

There is no doubt that Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah is upset these days: Hamas is ruining his spider web theory, according to which Israel is a weak and indulgent country that would not dare hit its enemies too hard.

Today, no one can have any doubt about it: Israel proved to whoever needed this proof in the Middle East that Nasrallahs spider web no longer exists. The Jewish State faced the golden triangle in the current war and was able to stand up to it: The home front is not crying out in the wake of rocket attacks, but rather, shows impressive endurance; civilian enemy casualties stir the global media yet do not hinder Israeli decision-makers; and finally, it appears we have been cured of the masochistic need for commissions of inquiry in the wake of wars.

Ynet –more–

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January 13, 2009 at 10:57 pm

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