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We grew up free, cherished our civil rights and individuality.

The last thing any of us would wish for is rule by the Taliban (or similar)

Look around, what do we have now. A pyramid of orders by the unseemly. Choked of the truth, and a witness to all things perverse.

No philosophy appears as a saviour, only: turn the other cheek, look down, and help sway the perception to conform to some unmentioned dogmas.

Any human enlightenment would require an empathy for others, even people we don’t know. That is taboo according to our hidden illuminati.

The taliban say it as it is. You spy you die. You steal you lose your hand. You commit adultery maybe stoned to death. I guess they can trust each other.

Who can we trust? ….

Yes we are not asking for the Taliban. But are we to go hungry? And to be turned against each other? And to witness infinite war crimes? It is as if our rulers are working for the Taliban, they are pushing us there, pushing us to beg for something credible.

Billionaires and whitewashed media, politicians with religious endorsements, and incessant warfare.

All from the crusades mentality. Oppressing, undermining, spinning, killing, all things unsavoury.

All these Islamic leaders: Nasrallah, Sheik Omar, Bin Laden they all speak with credibility. Our Politicos require deciphering, and it is long past a joke.

Now, truth is the enemy. Those in power have a lifetime of being on their tracks, they cannot change – it seems. There is an insular tunnel visioned view of society as corrupt, and if the corruption falters all is lost.

Pennies for the rich, to wage wars, and keep us afraid and separate. Now the temperature is rising, blood, lies, hopelessness, food, money, atrocities …

The power clique has lost touch, it doesn’t care, pawns paid for, will continue to dish out the daily sludge. And the nastiness of oppression also becomes a daily chore. That’s a shame for you and me.

But if they can bait a dissident, show a little crime, film both sides, and keep you buried in secret blackmail, then the system can live another day.

They too are part of the pyramid, seniority earned, orders taken, orders given, fiat money is the God, and fear is the currency.

Written by morris

January 13, 2009 at 6:22 pm

Posted in society, War crimes

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