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Israeli Atzmon – Board of Deputies of British Jews: on the road to nowhere

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see the slide show at source

see the slide show at source

Yesterday evening I was informed about an email notification from the most rabid Zionist institutes operating in Britain, The Board Of Deputies of Brithish Jews (BOD). The email suggested that the BOD had cancelled Sunday’s Solidarity Rally with Israel

According to the ‘official email’ The BOD has decided to cancel their solidarity rally because they grasped that it would be very unwise for the British Jewish community to associate itself voluntarily with the inhuman crimes practiced by Israel in Gaza. I have to admit that this would be the most clever thing a Jewish institution could do.

Read the text and judge for yourself:

[Ed: go to source to see the letter and the rest of this post]

According to the press release the BOD was concerned that the coming rally “might be perceived as the community taking one side in the tragic war in Gaza and Israel, and might be seen as supporting Israel’s military campaign.”  Moreover, “The Board stands in solidarity with the besieged and injured people of Gaza”, they as well oppose all violence as contrary to the tenets of the Jewish religion.”

Life is wonderful, I thought to myself, even The BOD, a racist Zionist organisation has managed to gather that “enough is enough”. The text may even hint that Global Zionism is starting to crack after all. I thought to myself that the BOD has managed to sense the growing resentment towards Israel and Jews who blindly support its genocidal tactics. Naively I thought for a few seconds that for the first time we were seeing an institutional Jewish body facing Palestinian misery.  For the first time we saw a significant move of ‘Jews against Zionism’.

But then  I woke up,…


Written by morris

January 12, 2009 at 1:19 pm

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