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What the enemy can do is classified

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Boys will be boys. The war games charge forth. Whether it is the civil war in resource rich Congo or dividing Sudan or undermining Mugabe or stealing Iraq’s oil. There is a whole ant army making designs and calculations. The sights are also on Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Russia.

America inseparable from Israel has so many weapons systems spawning all the continents. One wonders how aware they are of their adversaries? Hizbollah and Russia were badly miscalculated. Probably Hamas too.

What next? Iran? Pakistan? Syria?

The warmongers must feel this is their last chance. Soon Obama, and the rising tide of anti Israeliness which was well underway long before this Gaza conflict. All suggest, ‘Now is the time to act’.

They can force a world war relatively easily. Attacking Iran or Syria will cause retaliation, and then the US is obliged to enter to help Israel. Anyway worse than Obama is the financial collapse and the upcoming food crisis. America will be bankrupt with the consequence of looking more inwards.

The self serving war ministries know time is not on their side. Trickery is what they are good at. Expect some escalation….

Propaganda is interesting, all the time we are being told what we or the Israelis are doing, Gaza, Iraq etc. What the enemy is doing is ‘classified’. The Military intelligence has information and it reports to defense circles.

Has Iran got S 300 anti air missiles? Intelligence knows. How many Russian troops are in Syria and Iran? Intelligence thinks it knows. We the people do not know. Even when you look at the adversary’s press, they are mostly filled with what the western military activity is.

Is it because the great Jewish minds are one step ahead in dictating the media agenda? Again we are left to be surprised, in another losing war. Courtesy of the NeoCons who control our media, and our everlusting need for war.

It is the logic of warmongers. Don’t let the people know what the enemy can do. Some of our own boys will lose their lives, is the prevailing logic. But our war gurus are miscalculating. And certainly the American ones are interested in profits for shareholders.

The following Asia Times article is inconclusive, but it is easy to imagine the hawks wishing a war sooner rather than later.

Jan 9, 2009

Russia arms to Iran: A mistimed gambit?

By Roger N McDermott

Reports originating from within Iran, alleging an agreement by Russia to supply Tehran with modern air defense systems, have sparked mixed reactions from official sources in Moscow.

Russia and Iran, according to those initial reports on December 21, were holding talks on supplying medium-range air defense systems – specifically, S-300 surface-to-air missile systems – and Esma’il Kowsari, the deputy head of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, stated that Tehran had reached an agreement with Moscow on the future delivery of S-300 missile systems.

The following day, Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was “checking” these reports. A spokesman for Russia’s state arms exporter was tight-lipped, saying only they could make no public comment on an agreement with its partners.

…The signals are conflicting and were perhaps deliberately confusing. ….


Written by morris

January 11, 2009 at 9:46 pm

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