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The unspoken war of terror on the Israelis

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No one who has been in a war would like to recite the experiences. And who would want to hear? That might explain why so many Iraq vets are now destitute. But, back to the Israelis…

Israel’s purpose is to be the saviour of the Jews. It has attracted the support of wealthy and powerful Jews everywhere. And we all currently bear witness to the brutality waged on the Palestinians.

But there is also a wider war going on: To maintain the Jewish nation, and that is something larger than the Israeli state. Jews in the Diaspora help Israel, and Israelis return the help for the Jews outside of Israel.

There is such a density of power that it requires agents, fodder and brains. A machine. Every jew with an ability must buckle under. One does not do their service and retire, this is a life long quest. Because humans are humans, there are those that desist. But they learn the terror of pain dished out to those refusing to be a cog.

Loved ones are the first victims, but there are no limits. An Israeli understands very well. Help the mob and then take some crumbs. And so we have a manifestation of, a generation of blood lust. The fear of refusal is taught ruthlessly. And like everywhere else, the true power lies hidden.

But any observer can see the justice is summary, and breaks all the rules of decency. Look at all the Geneva conventions being broken.

The jewish power seems to have peaked, not that it is waning, but it would be hard to imagine how it could be more than it is. People the world over are aghast at the atrocities in Gaza, yet no Government can do a thing. Even the media is sanitised.

Spare some sympathy for the Israelis, they have been terrorised to be inhuman, to be killers, racists, and to have no individuality.

The Soviet Union collapsed like dominoes, we can expect the same to happen in the West, probably starting in the US.

Perhaps a sect within the Jews took over. Because it is true there Was a liberal tradition. Whoever is still there is just used as a smokescreen.

Written by morris

January 8, 2009 at 7:02 pm

Posted in Gaza, israel, Jews

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