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The Israelis cannot rise up against their masters.

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They are so indoctrinated! First of all they could not dream of it, unless it was for God or for their Mothers. I kid you not. All initiative and individuality is crushed from an early age. And while it is true that spirituality demands the denial of the ego, it is manifesting as sheeple.

The entire nation lives off of copying, taxing and any other way of living off of others. Doom is all that can result. Schizoid paranoid explains the ruling elite. The handful of refuseniks are precisely that, a handful.

And all the thirty year olds reflect on the atrocities they bore witness when they were young. And the religious do not have to serve in the military, they progress to become the family police, and thereby exercise complete control via a soldiers family!

It is a religious state, this is almost a forbidden zone to discuss. Each member of a particular sect votes according to what their chief Rabbi says. Together they must number a lot (maybe 100,000s). What meaning does that have for democracy?

The war machine is always active. When it is not firing, it is rehearsing. Voices of opposition lose their jobs and their families get punished.

Finally, Israel has proven the meaninglessness of public opinion, and the meaninglessness of the blog. It is proving to be another sublimation, just like the TV was. So what, the whole world is aghast at the savagery, it is not going to stop war crimes. And the same war crimes have been going on for a long time in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is time to say no to jewish rule, to jewish banksters etc. The reality is, there is nothing humane about it, and therefore nothing jewish about it. They could have had a state where they got along with their Palestinian neighbours. But they chose not to. Those that chose not to, gained control of everyone else!

Not only the other Israelis, but our banks and governments and media. It is really denying a life to the Jews and to Israelis. Whatever positions they think they have. It is also a crime against their lives, their potential, and their ability to rear children with an independence of mind.

Written by morris

January 7, 2009 at 5:29 pm

Posted in Gaza, israel, War crimes

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