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Gaza: Avneri; Israeli government makes a generation of Israelis war criminals

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Press Release, January 7, 2009

Gush Shalom: Conducting war in the world’s most thickly populated area condemns  soldiers to become war criminals


The desperate refugees who lost everything had hoped that hiding in a school belonging to the UN would give them at least some kind of refuge and save their children. They did not know that even there a single shell would cut off dozens of lives in a single second. They did not know that facing them is an Israeli government running amok; charging headlong into the depth of the bloody mud of Gaza.


Those who sent soldiers to conduct intensive warfare in the world’s most thickly inhabited area knew well in advance that the undoubted result would be a bloodbath, the killing of civilians, children and adults, whole families buried under the ruins of their homes. The government dooms a whole generation of young Israelis to become, quite literally, war criminals – except for those who are themselves killed by the artillery shells which are supposed to protect them.



Press Release, January 7, 2009

Really Avneri is being polite, it is not only the frontline troops, it is all Israelis, everywhere.

The young that are left to be on the frontline are the ones that were not picked for other duties. It is the Israeli state, as it has turned out, and with the supporters it has!

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January 7, 2009 at 4:45 pm

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