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Gaza: Iranian Presstv

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Last Updated : Sun, 04 Jan 2009 18:28:18 GMT
Depleted uranium found in Gaza victims

Medics tell Press TV they have found traces of depleted uranium in some Gazan residents wounded in Israel’s ground offensive into the strip.

Cheney: Israel did not ask US permission
US vice president Dick Cheney says Israel did not seek Washington’s approval for launching a ground offensive into the Gaza Strip.
‘World understands Israeli war rationale’
An Israeli spokesman maintains that the international community fully understands Israel’s reasons for launching an attack on Gaza.
‘Israeli helicopter, tank destroyed’
Palestinians say they have targeted an Israeli helicopter and destroyed a tank amid the ongoing Israeli ground incursion into the Gaza Strip.

Gaza death toll hits 500
At least 500 people including 87 children have been killed since the Israeli “Operation Cast Lead” was launched against the Gaza Strip.

World rallies in protest for Gaza

People from varying ethnic and religious backgrounds have rallied across the world to protest Israel’s onslaught against the Gaza Strip.

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