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Day 9 of Israel Attack: 500 Martyrs, over 2500 Injured
Israeli aggression against Gazans entered Sunday its ninth day as the Palestinian death toll reached 500 martyrs, including at least 87 children, and there are more than 2500 others injured.    In its latest massacres against the children, Israeli occupation army bombed Sunday afternoon a home in the Gaza Strip, killing a Palestinian mother with her four children.   At least 23 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza on the first … … More
Palestine Security
Hamas Kills 9 Israeli Troops, Captures 2 in Gaza Op.
Palestine Politics
Hamas: Gaza Will Become Graveyard for Israeli Troops
Zionist en Security
Despite Ground Op, Gaza Resistance Fires 50 Rockets
Zionist entity
Peres Changes War Objective: ‘To Teach Hamas a Lesson’
Israeli President Shimon Peres on Sunday rejected the possibility of a cease-fire as Israeli occupation forces pressed their air, ground and sea offensive against the Gaza Strip but claimed Israel does not intend to occupy Gaza.   “We don’t intend neither to occupy Gaza nor to crush Hamas, but to crush terror. And Hamas needs a real and serious lesson. They are now getting it,” Peres said in an interview on the ABC News program “This Week.” …   Details
Barak Says Ready for Any Development on Lebanon Border
Did the IAF Really Bomb a Gazan Grad Truck?
Masses Gather in Sakhnin to Protest Israel’s Gaza Op.
Israel Launches Ground Op, Hamas Warns of High Price
… And on the eighth day of the deadliest offensive against the Palestinians in the Gaza strip, the Israeli occupation ground troops have entered the Gaza Strip, announcing the start of a second stage in the deadliest offensive against Palestinians amid a suspicious Arab and international silence.   According to an army spokesman, Israeli ground units, backed by helicopters, penetrated on Saturday evening into the Gaza Strip. “I can confirm …   Details
16 Martyred in Air Strike on Mosque; Toll Reaches 460
Meshaal: Black Fate Awaits Occupation Army in Gaza
Abbas to Meet Sarkozy, Travel to UN on Monday
United Nations
UNSC Gives Israel More Time to “Weaken Hamas” in Gaza
…And as it was expected, the same scenario at the United Nations renewed itself. Israel has been involved in an aggression against bleeding Gaza, yet the UNSC has failed, for the third time, to take action against the Zionist entity to stop its bloodbath in the Strip, making this international body an accomplice in the murder of hundreds of innocent people.   Over 460 Palestinian martyrs and more than 2300 injured were not enough for the …   Details
World Protests Israeli Ground Offensive in Gaza
Israeli massacres in Gaza for the ninth consecutive day drove millions across the globe to protest against oppression, criminality and bloodshed.   World capitals witnessed massive rallies in solidarity with the Palestinians suffering in Gaza Strip. Demonstrations have been held since the beginning of the Israeli massacre that has claimed the lives of more than 485 Palestinians and injured 2,500, calling upon the international community to …   Details
Anti-Israel Protests over Gaza Continue Worldwide
World in Solidarity with Gaza on “Day of Wrath”
Turkish PM Starts Tour, Condemns Israel Offensive

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