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Most murders happen within families. Secondly I presume most murders happen within an ethnic community. Arabs kill Arabs, Chinese kill Chinese, and the Jews kill Jews.


The Jews are killing me. 24 hours a day. After all if anyone thinks: ‘You can trust the locals anywhere’, they are a threat to the continuity of the tribe. I have been spiked so much, it is a wonder I am still alive. 


The most recent has been to make my breasts grow. This may be heartening to the Gay community. And Gay rights is a major concern for the Jews. Having had time to reflect, I figure Adultery is seen as such an abhorance (and I can understand that) that homosexuuality is seen as permissable.


In a similar manner to celebrate on special occasions with some fermented sugar (alcohol) would seem a good idea. But when we look at the reality of what is manifesting, it is a far cry from these moderate intentions.


In my ideal world we would live in small communities with no laws. But alas we can forget about that. Here we are in metropolisis with rootless cosmopolitans. And our entire social fabric is in decay. We do however wage war on people whose roots are in small communities. Iraq, Afghanistan were I believe essentially rural, and certainly clan based. And the Palestinians are also clan based..


Anyway the world is turning dangerous, it is ever more closer to all of us, certainly to me. And we have laws, and we have unwritten laws. I have attracted the wrath of some fundamentalists, they are intent on discrediting me, and they are winning, they are used to that.



Just as they starved Gaza before blitzing it, so they do the same with unruly individuals. Like an animal stalks its prey over days if necesary. I am at this point reasonably convinced the Jews are going to do something untoward to me. They have me isolated, and corrupt any encounter I make. The untoward is always disguised, an accident, a medical condition or just use an Arab to do the dirty work. Few could understand the required hatred there is for Islam.


Of course I could get out of trouble by any one of a  number of ways:


Engage in organised crime   or 

Wave the Israeli flag     or  

Go to Israel   (an open air prison camp)   or   

Mix with Israelis    or 

Be gay (this logic escapes me) 


Judaism is now in sad shape me thinks.


In the UK when a soldier joins the army they often endure an initiation, normally humiliating.


Some of us are not suited to being one of the gang. And I am one of those. Yet I am not that unique, many others are surely going through the same treatment.


A footnote on the spiking, the effects are so far relatively small. But you can be sure I am terrified to eat in any place, private or public, and I live in total fear, so for this the gungho patriots can be happy. And I know they know the treatment of the Palestinans in Gaza is correct.


It all leaves me thinking Islam is the only answer. 


We have reached a point where we are expected to be scripted. And my observance of Israelis is a manifestation of this. It is a strict hiararchy. A smile for the state, and a hatred of Islam. 


A meaninglessness, remember the yuppies? Another adoration of money, and the pursuit of it, that is how we should be. But if we don’t play by the script, then one is discredited morning noon and night.


You ask, why don’t you call the police? The police are here to protect private property (and other duties) and the ruling elite I am in trouble with know all about private property and are friendly with the police everywhere. The police are good for street crime, and there it stops. And I am afraid  not all of that is as unconnected as it appears. I have been pursued for over a decade in many countries, and have witnessed so many tricks.


At first it was pure shock treatment, now I have learned to be afraid


All the Kings and Prime Ministers (and news editors) say what they are told, why don’t I?


There is obviously more to this story than is being revealed. But the core issues are tribalism and warring.

Written by morris

January 3, 2009 at 10:49 am

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