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I left Israel more than ten years ago.

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I left Israel more than ten years ago. They have watched me ever since, kind of a 24 hour a day thing. Some think I know too much, some think no man should be free, some think I was invested in, therefore I should repay what was invested in me (uhh? my internet skills?)

No one is allowed to walk free, as you will see if you read on. I always fought for peace, that’s my craziness. But alas, the Jews were more interested in my family. And as I thought it was my business and not theirs, I got into their spider web.

I made some marks for peace, but any accomplishments I had are not the point of this post. And it is anyway a sanitized censored post.

I left Israel and learnt a new trade, frankly Israel just turned out to be a nightmare. Truth and thoughts are the last things that interest them. Nepotism is their meaning to life. Anyway it was not all bad, especially at the beginning, Rabin was PM, he promised equality, and I ambitiously worked in the news. Also had an Iraqi Israeli girlfriend, I think she was actually born in Iraq, that was important to me, I had always felt guilty about what the Israelis were doing. Which is a bit pathetic, they are doing the murdering and stealing, and me the pauper feels guilty.

Anyway, Bibi got in, and I was too vocal for the enveloping Neocon mentality, just got in more and more trouble, and of course the Israelis reduce everything to the family, and my Mother (bless her) was always a Neocon, and I never was. To cut a long story short, I left Israel and went to the UK. Not that it was so much my free will. They decided what and when I did things, of course in consultation with my parents, its a bit of a whitewash, but they need to do things this way. The fact that I was over 40 didn’t matter.

So in the spirit of Judaism all my relationships had to pivot on my parents, this is part of the Israeli experience, Yes I was now in the UK, but the tentacles are long and two ways. I started Palm Reading, My mother had also been an admirer of the occult, and I was left with nothing else to think about. After all I had attracted the fundamentalists, and the Patriots, and to them all relationships outside of family and patriotism are nonsense. At this point I was still happy to speak what hebrew I had learnt, and to talk of Israel.

By the Way, when I was in Israel I worked in the news in Gaza and the West Bank extensively. Which was not frightening because I had nothing against the Palestinians and also felt bad for them.

So I got better at Palm Reading, and it became clear the English Jews were not going to leave me alone, and were, as always, interested in my family. I went and worked in Ireland, I met a young girl, and we teamed up, never had sex. I am what the Israelis call a Friar. They have the reputation for being the cleverest people on earth, and this post might help you understand. I went to Goa with the girl, and Israelis were always nearby, the house next door, in the next ice cream parlour, overtaking us on motorbikes, you name it. Well after many many months I discover they are paying to bonk her, and I am left to look like her pimp. Say hello to the Israelis, they are the cleverest people on earth. And I never had sex with her (or anyone else) the Israelis know how to let you know who is boss.

So we go back to Ireland separately, I never see her again, she hates me. Back in Ireland I continue Palm Reading, I am getting so many Mercenaries it is sickening, my nemesis for being a peacenik. Now mercenaries are the least likely people to want to get their hands read. But Ireland must be a transit point, it has Shannon airport and some US bases. Anyway I am sure everywhere is a transit point. And I guess because I had been an Israeli, I gave my passport into the Israeli embassy in Mumbai, I could be useful as being labeled as a token Good Israeli? Or as a Good Jew?

While I am on the subject of the passport, I also had my British Passport stolen in Mumbai, it was a perfect set up, anyway the replacement passport has no barcode,there is no record of me using it no doubt. Leaving some villain to have done god knows what with my original.

So being sickened with the mercenaries, I travel around Ireland, now it is a small country and whoever I befriend has to be offered quick money, and as it is a small country, so the orders are going through established channels. I never knew crime can be ordained, I always thought it was instigated.

With some trips to India (and more aggravation) I ended up in Spain, walking along the beach reading hands. And over a period of 18 months I discover that I am only working where gays are, that every bout of friendliness even by a female leads to a gay. Enough is enough and I’ll spare you the details, and some of them are sordid.

So I start thinking about homosexuality, and I make some posts here on this blog suggesting that the scientific evidence of Estrogen in the birth pill might be altering the sexuality of babies. Anyway that was six months ago, and there are so many taboo subjects, homosexuality is just one, Now ever since then I have reoccurring rashes around my eyebrows and the top of my nose, and now I discover my breasts are growing. Yes it is horrific, I have been spiked over a long period of time (with breast enhancing estrogen), obviously I am a nervous wreck about it. And it has also altered my mood.

This is the Costa del sol, otherwise known as the Costa del crime, I don’t speak the language. And My friends the Israelis who start with the letter M have seen to it. They are fanatical in their loyalty and patriotism, and anyone who refuses their game is in trouble, anyone that is, who does not have wealth, independence or a strong family. I am actually harassed whenever I try to befriend anyone, it is a reign of terror. Of course some people I can talk to, if some crime or sexual perversion can be seen.

Some of my acheivements could have been mentioned here, and some cannot, but with a fuller picture this would make more sense, it would not justify it at all. I am wondering if they will kill me, kidnap me, frame me or what,

Every encounter I make has to be seen as patriotism, or perversion, it is pure scientology, but it is the religious jews behind it all, I think. I have nothing to lose. They are fascists that is for sure, The amount of warmongers I have had to meet, I am sure they back all the Israeli actions in Gaza.

This post has all been a very shortened version.

Written by morris

January 1, 2009 at 1:30 am

Posted in Gays, israel, Mossad

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