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Gaza: Iranian PressTV

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Press TV online now Casillas, Nadal condemn Israel crimes
Last Updated : Thu, 01 Jan 2009 18:14:36 GMT

Gaza death toll reaches 417Another 20 people have been killed in the Israeli blitz on Gaza, bringing the Palestinian death toll to 417 since Saturday.

Hamas ‘hits main air base in south’
Hamas’s military wing says it has targeted an Israeli military base in the city of Beersheba, more than 40 kilometers from the Gaza Strip.
UNSC fails to pass anti-Israel resolution, again
The UN Security Council has declined to issue a resolution censuring the Israeli blitz on Gaza despite global calls for an end to the assault.
Rockets hit Israeli towns
Palestinian groups have continued their rocket attacks on Israeli targets despite massive offensives and air raids launched by Tel Aviv.

‘Gaza attack aimed at ending resistance’

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has said that Israel seeks to terminate Palestinian resistance as it continues Gaza bombardment.

Iranians volunteer to fight to death for Gaza

University students wearing military fatigues march in unison in the thousands in a symbolic show of readiness to engage in combat in Gaza.

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