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Israel misjudging its way to disaster

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Lose a war by miscalculating the mood on the street, the amount of sympathisers the enemy has, and be full of hubris and righteousness.

Every single military action of the last eight years has been a disaster since our Neocon jewish brethren took over. And most Jews are not fascist, it seems just the ones in charge. The NeoCons.

If you think the Nazis got a bad name, wait and see what history records for the NeoCons.

And why are all the financial institutions going belly up? Because we have to pay to fight the Muslims, because they marry their cousins. So we can all end up in rivers of blood, in order to abide by the Old Testament.

There is no turning around, we are in a pyramid, any about face and everyone feels they will lose their security.

If the troops were brought home, it would be the beginning of hope. There are going to be calls for justice whatever happens, Pardons or no Pardons, crimes against humanity are the order of the day, and Pardons don’t help.

Whatever hairbrained scam brought on this Gaza venture will backfire like everything else, until the old guard steps aside. Your scams only work on the weak and the isolated. And they only bring short term results.

In a way the best hope is for the jews to have an uprising. That won’t happen, too many are embellished in their lordly manors.

The absolute control over the media is a total disaster. Brainwashing everyone into bloodthirst. The empire has to fall.

Written by morris

December 31, 2008 at 11:04 am

Posted in Gaza, israel, Neocons, TV

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