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Gaza: The Neocons last waltz

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Will Gaza change the world?

Every act of aggression has unforeseen consequences. I’d rather not call the Gaza offensive a war, it is a carnage waged by F 16s.

Will it galvanize the world together? Will it cause people to identify the same brutality elsewhere?

Could it cause the Israelis to reassess themselves? Actually I don’t believe the Israeli attitude is grass roots, I think it is indoctrination, which means overthrowing the indoctrinators.

Will it lead to the collapse of Capitalism? Globalisation? Free Markets? That is what is paying for the carnage.

Will we all embrace Communism, Islam? Will it end Jewish rule?

Nothing will happen unless many millions take to the streets.

The protests have so far been in the hundreds and a few thousands, but I cannot ever remember such an international solidarity, the protests are happening in so many countries.

And how many myths will now be challenged?

The digital age seems to have backfired on the warmongers. But they cannot understand why. It has been going on for 7 years. Afghanistan and Iraq, why are people so upset about Gaza? Maybe the Israelis have used up too much good will? Maybe, as much as they feel supportive and involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, that has not been the public perception.

Who is happy nowadays? What have our rulers to offer us? And who could support our actions in Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan. Tragic acts by tragic people bringing tragedy to our doorsteps.

The tragedy has to end up on our doorsteps, it is like a law of the Universe. As the carnage continues polarisation will set in. The issue will no longer be one state or two states but for an Israel or not. Or will it be for the Jews or not?

Gaza is the Berlin wall, that was the symbol of the fall of the Soviet Union. Fancy that, little piddly Gaza brought the empire down. Everyone just got sick of the inhumanity, and it was juxtaposed with many Madoffs.

And the patriots who fought for Israel in the media, actually had the reverse effect.

I hope they let us dissidents live, and there aren’t too many unfortunate accidents.

Written by morris

December 31, 2008 at 10:44 pm

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