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Gaza 2008, Lebanon 2006, Same Scriptwriters

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Gaza 2008

Olmert: Gaza offensive to go on until aims achieved

Defense officials deny plan to propose 48-hour
truce; MI: IAF offensive has destroyed 1/3 of Hamas rockets.

Meanwhile, the Military Intelligence assessed Tuesday that the

air offensive has destroyed one-third of the Hamas rocket arsenal,

Channel 10 television reported. Haaretz

Lebanon 2006

Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz said at a briefing at a military base in northern Israel, according to Reuters. “The fact we are increasing our operation is based on the idea that the Israeli defense forces should provide defense to our civilians,” he said, according to Reuters.

“We will continue to operate until we achieve our aims.”



Israeli Order of Battle and Dramatis Personae

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

the first rockets land on Haifa the previous day. “Hezbollah has ……

air strikes had destroyed“about 50 percent” of Hezbollah’s armaments-


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