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Can Gaza become the 3rd World War?

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Pakistan is more belligerent than ever, suddenly it seems to view the Mumbai killings as a frame up. It was wrongfooted at the beginning, and then many voices were saying its PM was a US agent. Now US supplies to afghanistan that run through Pakistan are in jeopardy.

Iran is seemingly angrier than ever regarding Gaza. Their leader has proclaimed a Fatwa that all Muslims should assist the Gazans. Nasrallah has the following to make a war. And he has put his fighters o alert! Maybe it was a mistake when Israel assassinated his sons?

The US under Bush and probably under Obama is unhappy with all the countries mentioned above. Even Turkey is calling Israel’s actions a war crime. It seems more likely that China and Russia would come to Iran’s assistance. Where does all this leave Europe, The EU might not remain united. France, Germany, Austria and Italy are unknowns. Even the UK is not a certainty. When push comes to shove, and the questions are to have gas or oil or not, it doesn’t matter what the politicos are saying now.

Certainly Israel and the US can speak with one voice. Can they take all the other Anglo Saxon countries too? Probably. And India is a big question. It might not fight.

Hell with three weeks to go till the staunchest Neocons are gone, and a queue of Madoffs and Insurance companies and Banks all tottering, well …..

Regarding Pakistan, it has been out on a limb, without friends to support it, which suited India, Israel and the US. But ominously China is now stepping in.

China assures to ease Pak-Indo tension

Mon, 29 Dec

Both Islamabad and New Delhi should resolve all issues through dialogue,” Yafei added. He urged India to share Mumbai attack evidence with Pakistan.


Israel is used to calling the tunes, and even with some discomfort – the West seems to follow – but can it misjudge?

Renewed protests at Israeli raids

Rallies in Indonesia, Iraq, Venezuela, Lebanon and Jordan.

Protests against the Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip have again been taking place, with rallies in several cities across the region.

For a second day in Jordan, several thousand protesters gathered in Amman and burned Israeli and American flags.

There were similar rallies in Egypt, Syria, Libya and Iraq with many calling for a firm response from their leaders.

One of the largest gatherings was in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, organised by the Hezbollah movement.

Tens of thousands of people poured on to the streets of southern Beirut, many carrying Palestinian, Lebanese and Hezbollah flags and banners supporting the Palestinian people, the Associated Press news agency reported.

The rally was called for by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, who in a speech on Sunday urged crowds in the Arab and Islamic world to rise up in support of Gaza.

He also urged his fighters in southern Lebanon, who fought a brief war with Israel in 2006, to be on alert in case of Israeli attacks.

In Amman demonstrators, responding to a call by Islamist-led trades unionists, marched to the office of Prime Minister Nader Dahabi and delivered a letter demanding Jordan scrap its 1994 peace treaty with Israel and close its embassy, the AFP news agency reported.

Egyptians staged their largest yet demonstration against Israel’s offensive against the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, with thousands taking to the streets of central Cairo.
The rally was once again organised by the Islamist opposition in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, the group from which Hamas first emerged.
Elsewhere in the Islamic world, there were anti-Israeli protests in Bangladesh and Pakistan.


Written by morris

December 30, 2008 at 12:30 am

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