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Monday, December 29, 2008

It is uncomfortable to note – and therefore seldom mentioned in the American media – that Hamas was elected in 2006 as the majority government of the Palestinian government. Thus it holds the unique distinction of being the only democratically elected terrorist group in the world unless, of course, you wish to deal with the issue that terrorists are – by definition – non-governmental agencies. But if granted the benefit of the election results we would then have to call Hamas’ acts of foreign policy, as in the case of Israel, and that is not acceptable to the powers that be.

Greg Mitchell, Editor & Publisher – In the usual process, the U.S. government — and media here — are playing down questions about whether Israel overreacted in its massive air strikes on Gaza, while the foreign press, and even Haaretz in Israel, carries more balanced accounts. . .

A new analysis at Haaretz: “A million and a half human beings, most of them downcast and desperate refugees, live in the conditions of a giant jail, fertile ground for another round of bloodletting. The fact that Hamas may have gone too far with its rockets is not the justification of the Israeli policy for the past few decades, for which it justly merits an Iraqi shoe to the face.”. . .

Also from Haaretz, Zvi Barel writes: “Six months ago Israel asked and received a cease-fire from Hamas. It unilaterally violated it when it blew up a tunnel, while still asking Egypt to get the Islamic group to hold its fire.”. . .

Haaretz has just posted this from another columnist, Tom Segev: “The assault on Gaza does not first and foremost demand moral condemnation – it demands a few historical reminders. Both the justification given for it and the chosen targets are a replay of the same basic assumptions that have proven wrong time after time. Yet Israel still pulls them out of its hat again and again, in one war after another.”

Independent, UK – Israel warned the people of Gaza that its attacks which have so far killed more than 300 were a “war to the bitter end”. The statement from defence minister Ehud Barak came as jets obliterated symbols of Hamas power on the third day of its overwhelming assault. They hit a house next to the Hamas premier’s home, devastated a security compound and flattened a five-storey building at a university closely linked to the Islamic group. . . The death toll rose to 315, including seven children under the age of 15. . . Gaza’s nine hospitals were overwhelmed.

Bloomberg – The Bush administration is calling on Islamic militants who control the Gaza Strip to halt rocket attacks on Israel and restore the cease-fire that expired on Dec. 19. ‘These people are nothing but thugs,’ Gordon Johndroe, White House spokesman, said yesterday in comments to reporters in Crawford, Texas, where President George W. Bush is vacationing at his ranch. ‘Israel is going to defend itself against people like Hamas.’. . . Two days of Israeli air strikes on targets in Hamas-ruled Gaza have killed as many as 285 Palestinians and destroyed more than 90 percent of police installations affiliated with the Islamic-militant group. The bombardment began yesterday, after dozens of rockets were fired at Israel’s southern towns following the end of the six-month cease-fire. Israel’s Cabinet today agreed to call up as many as 7,000 army reservists, signaling that the air raids may be followed by a ground invasion to halt Hamas attacks. . .

President-elect Barack Obama, who supported Israel’s right to defend itself during a visit in July, has spoken with Rice and will continue to consult with her, David Axelrod, an Obama adviser, said on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ today. ‘When bombs are raining down on your citizens, there is an urge to put an end to that,’ Axelrod, paraphrasing Obama’s position in July, said on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation.’

David Axe, Wired – The two-day-old Israeli air bombardment of Hamas forces in Gaza, pictured, is part of a sophisticated campaign involving “long-term preparation, careful gathering of information, secret discussions, operational deception and the misleading of the public,” according to Ha’aretz. As a result of this secrecy, the attacks “took Hamas by surprise and … significantly increase[d] the number of its casualties in the strike.” By Sunday the dead numbered around 250. . .

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December 29, 2008 at 10:58 pm

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