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Explaining the Israeli atrocities

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The vast majority of Israelis support the Gaza Attacks.

The vast majority of the world is horrified.

Is the Israeli anger born of guilt, and an inability to face the truth of their own oppression?

It is true that apart from 2006 Israelis always enjoyed military superiority, and with Hamas they can enjoy it again.

Juan Cole:

Since the Second Intifada broke out in 2000, Israelis have killed nearly 5000 Palestinians, nearly a thousand of them minors. Since fall of 2007, Israel has kept the 1.5 million Gazans under a blockade, interdicting food, fuel and medical supplies to one degree or another. Wreaking collective punishment on civilian populations such as hospital patients denied needed electricity is a crime of war.

The Israelis on Saturday killed 5% of all the Palestinians they have killed since the beginning of 2001! 230 people were slaughtered in a day, over 70 of them innocent civilians. In contrast, from the ceasefire Hamas announced in June, 2008 until Saturday, no Israelis had been killed by Hamas. The infliction of this sort of death toll is known in the law of war as a disproportionate response, and it is a war crime.

Bart Peters at middeno.wordpress.com lives in Beirut, and before discussing if a revolution is coming to Egypt, he first sums up Israel:

The most disgusting and discouraging apect of the latest Israeli bout of genocide is not that the Israelis murder and maim again: that is what they do, and it is what they have to do to keep their colonizing effort alive – zionism is like islamism: it needs eternal wars and enemies to keep it going.

The following post – and it is only the beginning – is written by an Israeli – I am afraid he strikes at the heart of it all. Gilad who writes this piece is typical of so many who have had the Israeli experience, it means spending all of ones life discoursing on Israel and the Jews. Hell nowadays that is true for everyone everywhere.

Dec 29
Gilad Atzmon – Eine Kleine Nacht Murder: How Israeli Leaders Kill for their People’s Votes

In order to grasp the latest devastating murderous Israeli expedition in Gaza one must deeply comprehend the Israeli identity and its inherent hatred towards anyone who fails to be Jewish and a hatred against Arabs in particular. This hatred is imbued in the Israeli curriculum, it is preached by political leaders and implied by their acts, it is conveyed by cultural figures, even within the so-called Israeli Left

I grew up in Israel in the 1970s people of my generation are nowadays the leaders of the Israeli army, politics, economy, academia and the arts. We were trained to believe that a good Arab is a dead one. A few weeks before I joined the IDF in the early 1980s, General Rafael Eitan, the Chief of Staff at the time announced that the Arabs were stoned cockroaches in a bottle. He got away with it, he also got away with the murder of many thousands of Lebanese civilians in the 1st Lebanon war. In a word, Israelis manage to get away with murder.

Luckily enough, and for reasons that are still far beyond my comprehension, at a certain stage I woke up out of that Hebraic lethal dream. At one point I left the Jewish state, I evaded the Jewish hate mongering, I had become an opponent of the Jewish state and any other form of Jewish politics. However, I am utterly convinced that it is my primary duty to inform every being that is willing to listen about that which are we up against.

As much as Zionism was there to transform Jews, and by giving them a State of their own make them like any other people, it failed miserably. The Israeli barbarism as we have seen this week and too many times before is far beyond bestiality. It is killing for the sake of killing. And it is indiscriminate.

Not many people in the west are aware of the devastating fact that killing Arabs and Palestinians in particular is a very effective Israeli political recipe. The Israelis are indeed confused people. As much as they insist upon seeing themselves as a Shalom seeking nation, they also love to be led by politicians with an astonishing record of unlawful murderous activity. Whether it was Sharon, Rabin, Begin, Shamir or Ben Gurion, Israelis love their democratically elected leaders to be belligerent hawks with their hands dripping with blood and backed by a solid record of crimes against humanity.


And more and more nationals of the US, UK and also in Israel voice their disgust, as they always do sooner or later, but now more people do it on day one:

According to the London Times (December 28), “Britain and the United States were on a collision course with their European allies last
night after refusing to call for an end to Israeli airstrikes on Hamas
targets in Gaza. The wave of attacks marked a violent end to President
George W. Bush’s sporadic Middle East peace efforts. The White House
put the blame squarely on Hamas.” The British government also blamed

For the US and UK governments, Israel can do no wrong. Israel doesn’t
have to stop withholding food, medicine, water, and energy, but Hamas must stop protesting by firing off rockets. In violation of
international law, Israel can drive West Bank Palestinians off their
lands and out of their villages and give the stolen properties to
“settlers.” Israel can delay Palestinians in need of emergency
medical care at checkpoints until their lives ebb away. Israeli
snipers can get their jollies murdering Palestinian children.


Written by morris

December 29, 2008 at 10:35 pm

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