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Cynically seeing Jews protest the Gaza carnage

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Few of us know the real faces and names of the powerful.

They pull their strings around us , and we witness the manipulation. We do know that tribal politics is the first red line to draw. Namely Judaism. From which we have our concerns for Gaza, Banking, the Media and on and on.

A jew cannot really abandon the Jews, He / She will be chased to the death. Some Jews like the Brother Nathan at RealJewNews or Vanunu actually convert out of the religion. But they are still left to eat and breath it every day, all they do is write about it. A Jew is not permitted to be ashamed of being a Jew.

However to be ashamed of the Jews can be beneficial to the Jewish oligarchy. They go and create carnage in Gaza. And then they point to the dissident Jews who say it was unjust. This is good for the Jews. And while the dissidents are very genuine, it is just a shame to realize they can be used as propaganda for the elite.

Gush Shalom, English website


Just before we send this out we participated in a near spontaneous protest against the bloodbath on Gaza. At least a thousand activists got together after frantic use of email, phone and sms and held a march through the streets of Tel Aviv, harassed by mounted police (5 young activists got arrested), culminating in a rally outside the Defence Ministry gates. Olmert was holding there his warlike press conference. For updates please look the coming days into our website. . , ( ) , .

Written by morris

December 28, 2008 at 7:29 pm

Posted in Gaza, Gush Shalom, israel

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