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Few people know the racism of the Jews like I do.

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I was born and raised into the religion, and then I tried to walk away. So who better to learn about it than someone like me.

There is an everpresent need to teach me a lesson. There is no better police force in the world than money. Money will insure loyalty from whoever is in its path. And any association has a price tag hanging over it.

So if I associate with a Muslim they must be corrupted, or an act of betrayal be fostered upon me. The Jewish Oligarchy is fully in control of crime, and this is freely available to all and sundry. And that I daily be seen with criminals is manifested.

It really does push one to religion, not so much out of a desire for communion with God, more of a sickening of seeing smiling faces, or forced conversations because they are getting easy money.

If the Jews run the world, it is because they are clever. No one is allowed to walk away! We need to end up in a state of communism or anarchism or Islam, I do not know. All we have now is a corruption foisted upon everyone.

A proud patriot knows: “You are either for us or against us”. All jews are obliged to be proud patriots. There is a fervent need to fight for the Jewisih empire, any dissidence is met with punishment to the family and being associated with perversion. There really is little chance of this scientology falling from power.

In an ideal world there would be the secular rationalism of communism, but that is not going to happen, not anytime soon, thanks to corruption. So one is left with religions. Which one?

I am only a novice in religions but I’ll try to assess: Buddhism and Hindus, seem to see a spirituality divorced from human institutions. Indeed Buddhism sees everything as holy, so that suggests a Buddhist could find solace outside of human activity, in nature. The Hindus have thousands of dieties, they are also called demigods, each one represents a different aspect of life, for example Ganesha the Elephant would be prayed to regarding anything to do with obstacles. Then comes Islam, and Christianity. Christianity: Love thy neighbour, turn the other cheek; for how long I ask? Islam: No alcohol, no homosexuality, no interest rates, no speculation.

And Judaism; is there any part more memorable than ‘the chosen race’? I can’t help think if that clause were removed the whole world would be a better place. Few would argue that the Palestinians are getting a raw deal. There is nowhere in the religion that states Palestinians should be singled out, so we can assume the treatment of the Palestinians, while extreme, is no different in attitude than to other races. But most certainly Islam is the biggest enemy to the Jews.

And we are relentlessly bombing the hell out of Iraq and Afghnistan.

In Islam there are two sects Shia and Sunni. The Shia say anyone can be an Imam, a holy person. In the Sunni side an Imam must be approved / appointed. In Islam there is a mystical side called Sufis. The Ayotallah Khomeini was a Sufi.

Many people (and me) accept that all religions have their origins in Ancient India. Google will return about 500,000 hits for: Jesus in India.

At a guess this post will have offended many people, and apologies if there are any inaccuricies.

The Jews have broken me, no one can intervene, they are a law unto themselves. They have no tolerance for so many things, yet they are fully aware of them, and use them to achieve their aims. The Israelis have inherited the mantle of Judaism, and they are very very patriotic, and everyone needs to support this.

Written by morris

December 26, 2008 at 10:49 am

Posted in israeli, Jews, Racism, religion

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