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Could you be interested in crime?

The Russians do it, the Chinese do it, the Jews do it. Why don’t you? You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Don’t worry about the world. Anyway, everywhere criminals are in control, of course, how else could it be?

We will share a secret, then we know where our loyalties lie. In the meantime we will spin the news. No one will know what is really happening.

We can sell illegal weapons, drugs, we can rig what ever needs to be rigged. And then we’ll employ academics and philosophers to create a yarn. The hell with humanity, it never had a chance, and anyway God helps those who help themselves. That expression is in every culture.

The only price to pay is you cannot be open and honest, and you cannot ‘follow your nose’, we remain together as a kind of family. We also have our tribal loyalties, so you’ll never feel alone.

You fight for me and I fight for you, and we fight for the tribe.

Most people don’t have the smarts, let them graze as they like to do. If you can’t beat em join em. And if you bring in new blood it helps you progress. There will be more profit and more power. No need to worry about a bubble. We just move on.

It has always been this way, it always will be. The people will not rise. We just need to glorify self interest. It is in everyone, and catching people while they are young or inexperienced, when they are unaware is best. We can nurture an ethos of singularity.

We will give the faithful catchy names: Yuppies, Entrepreneurs, Upwardly Mobile. C’mon play the game. There’s no room for martyrs or Sons of God. You are either for us or against us.

If anyone has a message, then they need to be quieted down. We have a whole department dedicated to shutting people up. Cutting cables, planting bugs, interfering in private lives.

In summary the choices are: Graze, Spin for us, or be one of us.


Poetry by Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi – Who is at my door?

He said, “What brings you the most fulfillment?”

I said, “The company of the Emperor.”

He said, “What do you find there?”

I said, “A hundred miracles.”

He said, “Why is the palace deserted?”

I said, “They all fear the thief.”

He said, “Who is the thief?”
I said, “The one who keeps me from -you.



Poetry by Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi – Who makes these changes?

Who makes these changes?

I shoot an arrow right.

It lands left.

I ride after a deer and find myself

Chased by a hog.
I plot to get what I want

And end up in prison.

I dig pits to trap others

And fall in.

I should be suspicious

Of what I want.


Written by morris

December 23, 2008 at 12:32 am

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