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If an arab comes here and:

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They are corrupt we can help them

They are Gay we can help them

They can spy on or corrupt their natives we can help them


They are devout Muslims we can falsely arrest them

They are pious Muslims we can steal from them

This is the reality



http://www.usvetdsp. com/gifs/muslim_girl.jpg



www. secularmuslims. com/girlhijab3. jpeg


Such an hatred is presumably born of fear

And is likely been going on a long time

The orders are handed down from above


Is this hatred what was learnt in Gaza and the West Bank?

It is the same hatred as can be heard from an 18 year old Israeli

Who wants to join the army and kill arabs?


Is it the hatred of princess Diana being with an Arab?

What is the fear?

That Jews will want to become Muslims?


The top of the Jewish ladder is hysterical about Islam

Maybe it is a fear of becoming Muslims, that we have a war on terror

Chertoff is advising Obama not to close Guantanamo

These dark days will also be for many of us



Written by morris

December 15, 2008 at 11:51 pm

Posted in islam, israel, Jews, judaism

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