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We need rewards for ideas and spiritual uplifting – not our current smothering

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That a depression / recession is coming we know. In fact it seems to be here. Speculation is rife in how it will play out. We will spend more time at home, etc, more TV and internet.


We have lived through unparalleled growth. Suddenly it stops. Globalisation is not working and maybe it will not survive, this can extend into our countries, maybe we will break down into fiefdoms and cliques.


Our separate national and religious identities have so far nurtured a sense of belonging. Yet what we are seeing in Greece and in China might be on its way. And the sense of cohabitation with others will be more and more stressful. Both nationally and individually.



Germany and the UK are at loggerheads, and for reasons we are not really being told.

Crisis Summit in London:  Merkel’s Loss of Face

diciembre 9,
A European economic crisis summit without German Chancellor Angela Merkel? British Prime Minister Brown, French President Sarkozy and European Commission President Barroso say there’s nothing odd about Merkel not getting invited to the meeting. German politicians and media disagree.


Will the Euro collapse through countries wishing to go their own way? These are crisis times, manifested in money and finance. But these are just the symptoms of a deeper malaise in our system of living. Possibly the abuse of nature and the unsustainable uses of resources is to blame. Or the ever widening gap between rich and poor.


There is a post on this blog suggesting  a debt amnesty as  a remedy. Even that would just buy time, but it might work! Will we just break down into massive wars? Wars can be seen as a way to avoid civil strife. The pressure and needs of free trade are perhaps too much! Back to buying local!


When all that stands between hungry people and a warehouse full of rice and beans is a couple of padlocks and a riot policeman (who may be the neighbor of those who’re trying to get past him, and whose own family may be hungry too), the invisible barricade of private-property laws can be easily ignored. Source

The well respected Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Telegraph Ttitles his current blog post as:

Greek fighting: the eurozone’s weakest link starts to crack

Which clearly suggests this is what we can expect more of, and most people say it is for economic reasons!

And he quotes an editorial in Greece:

“Greece has gone up in flames and the concept of democracy and law and order has been eliminated”


And this is breaking News of today:

Demonstrators push a garbage bin into the middle of the street, during an unauthorised demonstration  Rome December 10, 2008.     REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi   (ITALY)

Demonstrators Rome Dec 10, (ITALY)

Greek Unrest Spreads: Solidarity Protests Across Europe Turn Violent
As Greece entered its sixth day of unrest sparked by the police shooting of a 15-year-old boy, violence spread to other parts of Europe on Thursday. Solidarity protests in cities including Rome, Madrid and Copenhagen turned into skirmishes between demonstrators and police


In Spain:

The picture is going to get very ugly as Europe slides deeper into recession next year. The IMF expects Spain’s unemployment to reach 15pc. Immigrants are already being paid to leave the country. There will be riots in Spain too (there have been street skirmishes in Barcelona).


And his forecast for Britain:

No doubt events will be ugly in Britain as well.



Protesters throw stones at police in the Greek city of Thessaloniki


And yesterdays Guardian

The pound has hit a new all-time low against the euro following further warnings that the UK economy is in worse shape than expected.

Sterling fell to €1.1391 this morning and also hit a record low against a basket of other currencies.

The pound’s latest weakness came as economists warned Britain’s economy was deteriorating faster than expected and could suffer badly in 2009. Source


There is no end to the doom and gloom

For good reason. Alistair Darling has had to admit that the British economy faces the most sudden economic collapse  Source


The Times tells of the Government pursuing some measure of nationalising the energy industries.

Ed Miliband, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, appeared to be on a collision course with Britain’s big power companies last night as he called for sweeping reforms to the industry, including greater state control and a retreat from the free market orthodoxy of the past two decades. Source


When we look at the wars and the leaders in most countries, they are tied in with energy, so this is a call to challenge the powers that be head on.


It is all looking a little academic, and events are likely to get out of hand. We can probably expect some authoritarian rule, either by oligarchs or a form of communism.


Whatever the system, the poor need to be fed and housed.


There is now a recognition that free markets don’t work. There is a new perception that the banker is greedy, this is not going to change.


What peaceful avenues have we? Often our biggest employers work for the defense industries, and we are engaged in very costly wars!


Inflation will render the money system useless. And surely everyone agrees that inflation is definitely ahead.


Criticising the emporers won’t really help us, it will also make them even more autocratic. And they are tetchy!


Perhaps we have to move back to the countryside, leave the cities.


The US is collapsing, it is still the motor of the world, and it is dangerous. Our emporers believe in hegemony, both internationally and socially.


The Jewish influence has been great, both financially and in the way we live our lives, family and individual rights etc. Albeit pivoted on a debt driven economy. In the coming times we are going to lose rights and alter our ways. The so called social mobility will fade. The so called meritocracy based on family responsibility and financial reward will give way to something new. Rewards will be for ideas and spiritual uplifting. Our new leaders hopefully will be Gurus.


There is danger in the air. Presumably the captains of the ship will need to step aside, and hopefully the incessant wars will stop.


Will Islam look attractive? Or Communism? Or fiefdoms with local currencies?


So far all remedies have been geared towards saving the financial institutions. We need to address the people, not the financial system, can’t we allow governments to issue and lend money, not the privately owned banks?


Is borrowing and lending the only way to trade?


Now the power is in energy, defense, finance, and to some degree religion simply because it is an institution of people. We need a rule by the people for the people … And not by capitalism!


We have been fed fear of this and that for so long. Now the fear is getting real and coming closer. Will we be able to resist the old order’s cry for more wars?



Written by morris

December 11, 2008 at 3:11 pm

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