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Pakistan: Whose country is it?

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  1. Defence Committee of the Cabinet renews offer of full cooperation with India: Pakistan will not allow terrorism from its soil

  2. The Defence Committee of the Cabinet (DCC) has decided to renew the offer of full co-operation with India including intelligence-sharing

  3. Army confirms operation against banned organisations      The army confirmed late on Monday it has begun an operation targeting banned organisations in the wake of the attacks in Mumbai last month

  4. Taliban torch another 53 US, NATO vehicles near Peshawar      Police say no bullets fired, a few Taliban tricked guards to enter terminal

  5. Govt official kidnapped       A senior government official and his seven bodyguards were kidnapped near North Waziristan

The headlines above are from the ticker on the top of one of Pakistan’s leading daily papers – it reads like a failed state.

Maybe the papers in Urdu read differently.
One wonders why Pakistan does not have the robust rhetoric like we hear from Iran
Almost daily we hear of US strikes on its territory.
To bring a country to its knees must require a lot of efforts on many fronts.
And yet it has 170 million people and Nuclear weapons.


No doubt its citizens love their country, yet one wonders if many also find their self interest of more importance.
Unfortunately this post is entirely speculative, no inside info.
India’s reputation for corruption is no less than Pakistans, yet India seems to be getting on its feet.
The US arming of the Taliban in its fight against the Soviet Union gets more and more publicity, as if this is the source of radical Islam. It seems there is something called radical Islam, it also seems centered on its own location and people. Yet the neocon controlled US has deemed that the Taliban are hell bent on bringing down the USA etc etc. and that they did 9/11 etc etc.
It would seem Pakistan thinks time is on its side, it bends over acquiescing on all fronts. Buying F 16s that probably won’t work. The people in power are cleverer than me, and they know what they are doing, but events could unravel, and Pakistan could end up in conflict, it is short on friends. Perhaps its best hope is that the US will get bogged down with others like Iran or China.



NATO trucks burnt in Peshawar
* US military says loss of 160 vehicles will have ‘minimal’ impact
* Terminal owner complains of poor security
* Guards put number of assailants at 300, official says there were only 30 * Govt planning to launch operation

PESHAWAR: Gunmen blasted their way into two transport terminals on Peshawar’s Ring Road on Sunday …


Written by morris

December 10, 2008 at 1:21 am

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