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Gaza: The Neocons last waltz

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Will Gaza change the world?

Every act of aggression has unforeseen consequences. I’d rather not call the Gaza offensive a war, it is a carnage waged by F 16s.

Will it galvanize the world together? Will it cause people to identify the same brutality elsewhere?

Could it cause the Israelis to reassess themselves? Actually I don’t believe the Israeli attitude is grass roots, I think it is indoctrination, which means overthrowing the indoctrinators.

Will it lead to the collapse of Capitalism? Globalisation? Free Markets? That is what is paying for the carnage.

Will we all embrace Communism, Islam? Will it end Jewish rule?

Nothing will happen unless many millions take to the streets.

The protests have so far been in the hundreds and a few thousands, but I cannot ever remember such an international solidarity, the protests are happening in so many countries.

And how many myths will now be challenged?

The digital age seems to have backfired on the warmongers. But they cannot understand why. It has been going on for 7 years. Afghanistan and Iraq, why are people so upset about Gaza? Maybe the Israelis have used up too much good will? Maybe, as much as they feel supportive and involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, that has not been the public perception.

Who is happy nowadays? What have our rulers to offer us? And who could support our actions in Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan. Tragic acts by tragic people bringing tragedy to our doorsteps.

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Written by morris

December 31, 2008 at 10:44 pm

Video: Jews against Zionism. These jews are willing to tell the world the truth about terrorist Israel

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Jews against Zionism. These jews are willing to tell the world the truth about terrorist Israel

Tipofthehat to : pakalert

Written by morris

December 31, 2008 at 8:42 pm

What’s next in Gaza? Pakistan

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Reading between the lines:

PressTV reports Pakistan’s LET commander was involved in the Mumbai assaults.

‘LeT chief admits Mumbai involvement’

Zarar Shah, a top LeT commander, captured in a raid early this month in Pakistani-administrated Kashmir, has confessed to the group’s involvement in November 26 Mumbai terror attacks, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

The Americans are believed to have given Pakistan a taped conversation Lakhvi allegedly had with the gunmen involved in the attacks, the Dawn newspaper said, quoting diplomatic sources.
However, tension between the two neighboring states was resolved to some extent after Indian and Pakistani leaders held dialogue via telephone, following regional initiatives by countries such as China and Iran.

It all reads very convincingly, but when reread with the Dawn article, and taking into account the Games intelligence agencies play, it is far from certain, and it is all more likely tied to the price of oil or an IMF loan. In fact there are more doubts than certainties regarding the Libyan so called hijackers of the Pan Am flight, the point being countries can be asked to do the humiliating.
See the end of this post for the excerpt of the original Dawn report.
And the Dawn article concludes that Islamamad does not think the tape is authentic, and the Pakistani Embassy in Wash. DC does. All smells a bit fishy doesn’t it?

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Written by morris

December 31, 2008 at 7:31 pm

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Israel misjudging its way to disaster

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Lose a war by miscalculating the mood on the street, the amount of sympathisers the enemy has, and be full of hubris and righteousness.

Every single military action of the last eight years has been a disaster since our Neocon jewish brethren took over. And most Jews are not fascist, it seems just the ones in charge. The NeoCons.

If you think the Nazis got a bad name, wait and see what history records for the NeoCons.

And why are all the financial institutions going belly up? Because we have to pay to fight the Muslims, because they marry their cousins. So we can all end up in rivers of blood, in order to abide by the Old Testament.

There is no turning around, we are in a pyramid, any about face and everyone feels they will lose their security.

If the troops were brought home, it would be the beginning of hope. There are going to be calls for justice whatever happens, Pardons or no Pardons, crimes against humanity are the order of the day, and Pardons don’t help.

Whatever hairbrained scam brought on this Gaza venture will backfire like everything else, until the old guard steps aside. Your scams only work on the weak and the isolated. And they only bring short term results.

In a way the best hope is for the jews to have an uprising. That won’t happen, too many are embellished in their lordly manors.

The absolute control over the media is a total disaster. Brainwashing everyone into bloodthirst. The empire has to fall.

Written by morris

December 31, 2008 at 11:04 am

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Gaza 2008, Lebanon 2006, Same Scriptwriters

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Gaza 2008

Olmert: Gaza offensive to go on until aims achieved

Defense officials deny plan to propose 48-hour
truce; MI: IAF offensive has destroyed 1/3 of Hamas rockets.

Meanwhile, the Military Intelligence assessed Tuesday that the

air offensive has destroyed one-third of the Hamas rocket arsenal,

Channel 10 television reported. Haaretz

Lebanon 2006

Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz said at a briefing at a military base in northern Israel, according to Reuters. “The fact we are increasing our operation is based on the idea that the Israeli defense forces should provide defense to our civilians,” he said, according to Reuters.

“We will continue to operate until we achieve our aims.”



Israeli Order of Battle and Dramatis Personae

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

the first rockets land on Haifa the previous day. “Hezbollah has ……

air strikes had destroyed“about 50 percent” of Hezbollah’s armaments-


Written by morris

December 30, 2008 at 10:39 pm

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Israels actions will not hurt the US Israeli lobby

Mondoweiss is leading with so many posts about how Israel’s actions will weaken or spell the end of the Israeli Lobby in the US.

I can understand his indignation and wishful thinking. But it is naive. America (and much of the West) are the lobby. It is like saying Israels actions will end the US financial system. That might be on the cards, but it is not related to the current Israeli actions.

Although the American financial collapse is related to the lobby’s NeoCon wars. Only a revolution will alter the imperialistic policies. And I would hope it is a spiritual one.

It would be wise to equate Gaza with Iraq and Afghanistan, and the possible wars with Pakistan and Iran. Short of a revolution maybe a General Strike. Maybe a coup. Or losing a war.

The following is the comment I left on his post:

The real lobby is hidden and fierce. Pelosi and everyone else obeys. They are of the same makeup as the ones ordering the carnage in Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan. They are also very happy to hear jewish voices of disapproval, such as this blog. Then they show there are good Jews. America IS the Jewish Lobby

It is not going anywhere
They listen to no one

Not the Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians and not the Americans and not the British, and not the Good jews.

And they know violence Very Well!

Posted by: morris | December 30, 2008 at 01:43 PM

And here are two comments that followed mine:

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Gaza: Don’t all bullies lose in the end?

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Nostalgia and old loyalties run dear. Rather like sentimentality and remembering the good old days. I was just wondering what is socialist about Ehud Barak’s labour party? Aren’t many of those traditional Israeli socialists starting to rethink their loyalties? Has Barak buried the Left? The third Reich was called National Socialism. Maybe the common jargon of being beyond the right and the left is appropriate.

How much bad publicity can Israel take? How much of what it is doing is based on world Jewry? The Rothschilds and religious elite? Surely old loyalists to Israel and Zionism must have some doubts in their minds about what they are doing?

Xymphora today remarked Israel does not want peace. He says it is the last thing world Jewry can live with. Israel did scupper the truce agreement when it invaded Gaza on the Eve of the US elections. Not that it ever honoured it, it always maintained some type of embargo of essential items. Then when the truce expired and a total embargo was in place, it offered a truce with the embargo.

The evil is all pervading, it is not confined to Israel’s actions in Gaza, the West Bank or in all the Middle East. It is Israeli actions everywhere. Designed to instill hate and sectarianism. With many sub clauses, namely, homosexuality, alcohol, eating beef, and it seems wanton destruction of nature, all with the assistance of coerced money lending.

There are many good Jews, and many good Israelis. The problem must lie with the leadership. And while the Politicians should be held accountable. They might not be the true leadership.

It is the 11th hour on the planet. American forces scour the planet, engaged in many acts of aggression. There are as many people again out of uniform also upholding this system based on bloodletting and sectarianism.

The actions of the last few days have been a turning point for world opinion, for the self perception of many Jews, and possibly for some Israelis. The actions of Israel can only lead to more bloodshed, whatever the immediate outcome, we can be certain of more and more bloodshed, until the Israelis and their zionist supporters (or slaves) change their self perception and attitude.

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Written by morris

December 30, 2008 at 2:46 pm

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