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Conspiracy theory: attacks used to eradicate police chief for upcoming political elections

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November 27, 2008

The Attack in Mumbai II

The cleanup operation in Mumbai are still ongoing as the police and army search and fight through two big hotels that were attacked. The latest casualties numbers are 125 dead, 327 injured.

As said before, there is something weird about these attacks.

There was no clear target.

The major attacks were on a railway station, two big hotels, a multiplex movie theater and a bar. Two taxis were blown up. Two terrorists allegedly were at a hospital.

Of the dead only 6 were foreigners, of the wounded 7. While those hotels and the bar frequently have foreigners those numbers and the attack on the railway station and the cinema do not fit to an “attack on foreigners” scheme.

There also seams to be no special religious anti-Muslim or anti-Hindi scheme in this as no place of worship was attacked.

The attacks, even while there were a lot of casualties, seem not designed to cause the maximum number of dead. One would do that with explosives within the crowded railway station. Not by  shooting into the masses or by blowing up a random taxi.

There were no suicide bombings. Apparently there was no hostage taking either. But the attackers did not care or prepare to get away either. Instead they waited for the police and then had a shootout at each place.

The group that allegedly claimed the attack has never been heard of. For maximum international media attention thanksgiving is not a good day.

This coordinated attack brought out all anti-terror units in Mumbai. That, I think, might have well been the intended aim. The attacks seem to have been designed to do and to create direct battle situations with the anti-terror forces.

Here is my conspiracy theory:

The right-wing, Hindu-nationalist  BJP party is competing with the ruling Congress party for upcoming elections. A big election theme is Islamic terrorism.  More

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November 28, 2008 at 8:44 pm

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