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Obama’s Palm Reading

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I have been reading hands for ten years.

Now I am good at it, after ten years of blogging I will expect to be good at it.

I do not have good hand prints to read, nor do I know if Obama is left or right handed.

Having said all that:

This is a very warm hearted man, very prepared to give and be supportive, and to be sharing, a caring profession could have suited him.

He grew up confident emotionally, he was not afraid to reveal his feelings.

The imagination is rich, and the more he is tested, the more it will shine, and this is related to generating ideas.

He is highly conditioned to be efficient with his energies, and to make plans, and he has always had a good memory.

A little niave and unaware of all that he can do.

A very reliable person.

He has always commanded attention.

Independent from an early age, yet highly conditioned, all at the same time.

He has a genius in him, yet he is more guided by heart, unless challenged.

There is a risk of procastination.

Over examines his creative side, thereby inhibiting its expression.

A little principled, slightly private, and bestowed with charisma, and good timing.

He learned how to be a good partner at an early age.



I wonder what that bracelet is?

Below is some feedback from when I did some readings (with good hand prints) on Ebay.

Palm Reading feedback

Great reading. Excellent communication. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!! 01-Jan-08


Great reading and good communication!!! Ebayer recommended 🙂 Thank you!!! 19-Jan-08

Great ebayer, lovely reader – first class service – many thanks AAA 06-Feb-08

The seller was very patience with me and helpful 26-Feb-08


Good reading,Very good communication,thank you 26-Feb-08



Written by morris

November 8, 2008 at 9:16 pm

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