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Shareholders ask Monsanto to defend US constitution. Iraqi farmers legally forced to use Monsanto seeds. Ex director advises Obama

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Who is Monsanto?

Why are shareholders asking Monsanto to defend the US constitution?

The following information clearly shows a self interested and vast corporation.

Monsanto seems to specialize in life killing products.


Shareholder Proposal To Require Monsanto Directors’ Allegiance to the U.S. Constitution

(CSRwire) NAPA, CA. – October 23, 2008Harrington Investments, Inc., (HII) a socially responsible investment advisory firm, has announced the introduction of a binding amendment to Monsanto’s corporate bylaws that would require directors to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Monsanto management is currently seeking permission from the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to disqualify the proposal on grounds that it is vague, unfair, illegal, difficult to implement, and would violate directors fiduciary duty.  Source

Monsantos seeds are being forced on Iraqi farmers by law!:

Oct 15 08; First, it forces Iraq’s commercial farmers to use registered terminator seeds (the “protected variety”). Then it defines natural seeds as illegal (the “infringing variety”), in a classic Orwellian turn of language.

This is so incredible that it must be re-stated: the exotic genetically scrambled seeds are the “protected variety” and the indigenous seeds are the “infringing variety.”

As Jeffrey Smith explains, author of Order 81: Re-Engineering Iraqi Agriculture:

“To qualify for PVP [Plant Variety Protection], seeds have to meet the following criteria: they must be ‘new, distinct, uniform and stable’… it is impossible for the seeds developed by the people of Iraq to meet these criteria. Their seeds are not ‘new’ as they are the product of millennia of development. Nor are they ‘distinct’. The free exchange of seeds practiced for centuries ensures that characteristics are spread and shared across local varieties. And they are the opposite of ‘uniform’ and ‘stable’ by the very nature of their biodiversity.” (3)

Order 81 comes with the Orwellian title of “Plant Variety Protection.” Any self-respecting scientist knows, however, that imposing biological standardization accomplishes the exact opposite: It reduces biodiversity and threatens species. So Order 81 comes with an Orwellian title and consists of Orwellian provisions.




Monsanto seems to have had a checquered past, and that is putting it nicely:

Monsanto are rated as one of the “bad” companies, guilty of many human rights’ and environmental violations, notably for GE foods and their products, “Agent Orange”. “Dioxin” and Roundup”.   Source


Monsanto has a jewish past and present:

MONSANTO Family Were Jewish Slave Dealers And Owners


Chief Executive Robert Shapiro.

Major UK investors in Monsanto Rothschilds.

The Jewish Monsanto Family of Louisiana included  Benjamin, Isaac, Manuel, Eleanora, Gracia and Jacob. They  made frequent purchases of Blacks including twelve in 1785, thirteen and  then thirty-one in 1787, and eighty in 1768  Source

With the innocence of youth i would ask how Jews could allow fellow Jews to be in such an anti life vocation. Now I am much older.


Monsanto is accused of being responsible for the disappearing Bees:

Monsanto’s GM corn is killing bees

Fri Mar 30, 2007

However, in Germany where they still teach science they published an article about the toxic nature of Monsantos Triple Hybrid GM corn and it’s effect on bees in ’05. Why won’t the media here mention that GM corn is the likely cause of the bees disapearing? Could it be that Monsanto is a massive multinational corp with a market capitalization of 30 billion dollars?? Of course insects are seen as pests by most people. Most people who passed Earth Science class in highschool understand that every part of the food chain is important and some, but not most, understand that bees perform a task that vital to our survival.   

Albert Einstein once predicted that if bees were to disappear, man would follow only a few years later.

That hypothesis could soon be put to the test.

Now in Spain, hundreds of thousands of colonies have been lost and beekeepers in northern Croatia estimated that five million bees had died in just 48 hours this week. Source


This is the first paragraph of a page that chronicles a lot of controversy about Monsanto and pollution etc.:

Monsanto is a leading global provider of agricultural products and systems sold to farming concerns. Their leading products are the Roundup herbicide, DEKALB and Agrow seed products, and biotechnology traits. Products have also included Agent Orange, the now ubiquitous PCBs, DDT, recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone and Aspartame. The company’s profits for fiscal year 2007 are $1.06 billion. Monsanto has 17,500 employees [1]. Source


One former Monsanto Director is an advisor to Obama

Sharon Long: was a director at agricultural giant Monsanto an agricultural biotechnology corporation.

A commentor added this:

Sharon Long’s role will probably be to throw a wet towel on Obama’s previously stated desire to label GM food so that people can finally have a choice. Monsanto is crafty like that. Polls have repeatedly shown that consumers want labels on GM food.


More about the labeling and the elections here

Written by morris

October 24, 2008 at 9:14 pm

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