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Jews and individuality are history

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To be an Israeli or a Jew requires a lot of sacrifice,.. or opposition. Sacrifice or devotion will bring material rewards.

Opposition will bring grief.

If Neocons, Jews or Zionists seem to have a lot of power, they have worked for it. There is a long history of Jews having a lot of financial control. Just as the Chinese in Asia do. And the Jains in India also.

So why are we now in such an ugly position? The meteoric rise of Israel, and with its followers, developed a hubris over and above life itself.

From Israel’s 12% of world armaments business, to Monsantos poisonous products. Now attacking Syria and pakistan. Where will it all end? What driving force created this credit crunch? A love of God? The promised land? It is a secret agenda.

All individuals are expected to be in a constant state of motivation for ‘the cause’. ‘The cause’ at the very least is a strong Israel, a proud Jewish nation, a total war on anti-semitism, and a general undermining of all potential enemies. If a jew gets close to these ideologues and says, ‘thanks but no thanks’, he will suffer.

Extreme causes require extreme behaviour. They are easiest to pull off with chaos. When there is so much spin, no one knows what is really going on, no one knows where they should be looking.

Is ‘the cause’ worth a world war? Certainly it is. It is also worth limiting any opposition, any dissidence. This is most efficiently done with interference in a persons personal life. And the best Jewish way, is to attack the family. There is something biblical about it.

And that is why unruly politicians are brought down by familial impropriety. I am all for supporting solid family traditions. Yet what does that matter for philosophy or politics? Kennedy was a womaniser (it is said) he wanted to disband the CIA and the Fed.

Religion has got involved in current affairs and politics, and possibly the banking world, and maybe that explains some of our predicament. Maybe spirituality and our mundane world are two different things! Maybe spirituality and race are also two different things.

Nowadays a devoutness, an admiration for ones spiritual belief (at least for the Jews) requires a militancy, a preparedness to be violent. And a willingness to destroy peoples lives.

All the artists, the musicians and the creators became soldiers and spies.

Written by morris

October 31, 2008 at 11:36 pm

At the end of all this maybe the money system itself will disappear

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Imagine coming from a super wealthy family.

Certainly life would not be guaranteed to be easy.
And there would be as many hurdles and challenges as the rest of us face.

However on the issue of money there would be a different understanding.
When one has billions then issues of food and rent are not important.
And there must be a realisation of how easy or possible it is to buy someone off, for a cause.

There would be a vested interest in maintaining the money system, and that can only mean insuring a universal enslavement to it.

Money really does keep us all separate from each other.  It encourages private ownership (separateness).

And money denotes power. Whether that money was made from hard work or a lucky gamble.

Corruption is the most efficient way to rule. Those in the chain are guided by secrecy and loyalty. And so our ‘oligarchs’ run empires within empires. And nepotism is recognised as being as desirable as corruption.

Maybe our rulers have unleashed a chain of economic events they themselves do not understand. Lets hope it is the end of the money system. This money system is not allowing for the most compassionate to lead, it is allowing for the fiercest to lead.


“We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”– Louis Brandeis, Supreme Court justice from 1916-1939 Source

Written by morris

October 31, 2008 at 10:27 pm

Palestine Think Tank Cartoon: Obama, Bush and McCain

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Bush is saying: “Tomorrow you will miss my days[as President],” while holding a sign that reads: “I love Israel.” Obama is holding a sign which reads: “I love Israel more!” McCain is holding a sign that reads: “I love Israel more and more!!”

Written by morris

October 31, 2008 at 10:01 pm

“Large number of 400-ounce gold bars appearing on the market with markings [suggesting] U.S. Treasury or IMF reserves”

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Mints struggle to meet metals demand

Demand for physical gold and silver is gobbling up product at nearly every mint around the globe and in Canada has the Royal Canadian Mint allocating its supply among its distributors, who in turn are limiting the number of coins they sell to dealers, who sell to consumers.

Virtually every mint in the world is sold out of product and as fast as we can produce it, all of us, there is more demand,” said David Madge, director of bullion services at the Royal Canadian Mint.  Source


Why Gold Might Soar…

Last Friday, the Taiwan government announced that it had completely liquidated its holdings of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae bonds. If a long-time ally of the United States is willing to admit that it is bailing out of dollar-denominated debt, will other nations continue to show restraint?

Last Friday and Saturday, leaders from 43 Asian and European nations met in Beijing to discuss the global financial crisis. The United States was specifically excluded from this meeting….

The U.S. government and its partners are pulling as many strings as it can to try to hold down prices. A large number of 400-ounce gold bars have been appearing on the market with markings that indicate that they may either be coming from the U.S. Treasury or International Monetary Fund reserves. The IMF is not yet authorized to sell any gold, but apparently can lease gold without restriction.

If it becomes public knowledge that the U.S. or the IMF is sneaking gold onto the market to help hold down prices, the news will actually have the opposite effect because it would represent an admission that the U.S. dollar deserves to be worth much less than it is today.



Bailout funds being spent in ways Congress never foresaw….

“Before this is over we’re going to have casinos in Las Vegas reconstituting themselves as bank holding companies” and applying for government loans, Coffee warned. Source

Originally here

Written by morris

October 31, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Israeli Political Party Kadima to introduce civil marriage bill

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One can see the politicking. Shas, a religious party refused to support Kadima. Is this just a tit for tat, or more?
The family, and particularly marriage, is at the ctenter of religious concern. To movae towarlds civil marriage is to dethrone religions monoposly.

Such legislation might signal the beginning of the end for religious influence on Israel’s political agenda.

Currently the religious parties are considered to be on the right, not negotiating on Jerusalem, and often encouraging the settlers. And presumably ‘pro’ war on terror.

Updated Oct 30, 2008

Livni to introduce ‘civil marriage’ bill

Kadima intends to introduce a bill to legalize civil marriage in Israel, the faction’s chairwoman Tzipi Livni announced late Wednesday night

Foreign Minister and new Kadima chair Tzipi Livni.

“I support civil marriage,” she told Channel 9, Israel’s Russian-language channel. “It’s an important issue in Kadima’s platform, and I want to bring it before the Knesset now, before the recess.”

She called the issue “a matter of principle,” and said that it would be part of Kadima’s platform in the upcoming elections.

The bill would enable some 300,000 Israelis who are currently seen by the state as “without religious affiliation,” and as such cannot be married by the Rabbinate, to get married in Israel. Many of the citizens with such status are Russian-Israelis.    Source

Some responses to the proposed bill can be seen here.

Many Jews in Israel cannot get a divorce, also mixed marriages become very difficult.

Written by morris

October 30, 2008 at 9:49 pm

Israel: One State, Two States or Apartheid?

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Israel has three choices:

  1. Accept a one state solution with Palestinians as equals.
  2. Divide into two states, presumably along the 67 borders (plus half of Jerusalem).
  3. Remain as it is, lording over 2nd class citizens.

In all three cases there will be more violence.

1) A one state success would require equality and shared interests. There is no sign of it. Do Jewish Israelis visit Palestinian areas / restaurants inside pre 67 Israel? Absolutely not! Some might venture into a bakery in Jaffa (now a suburb of Tel Aviv), but most Jews would only see the bakery as a possible place to buy out. In a non mixed Palestinian village inside pre 67 borders expect distrust, suspicion and possible hostility. Just like you would from a dog that has been caged up. When I was there it was curious to observe the Israeli Palestinian villages were allowed slot machines, while they were illegal in Jewish areas. Similarly when a peace agreement was arranged with Arafat, immediately plans were made for a casino. In fact on the border with Egypt (Taba) there is a casino. Can the Arabs be bought out? This is the Israeli / Jewish / Neocon question. They have no interest in Muslims or Arabs per se. I don’t think Israelis are taught Arabic at school. The weakened Jordanians (weakened without Saddam’s Iraq) have proved to be good factory workers, and excellent hosts for the US military. The US military is exempted from Jordanian jurisdiction. Which means they can get a way with torture and plotting against other regimes etc.


Lets be clear about the current forces that have shaped the Middle East so far. They are only interested in domination, and blood letting is a legitimate method.

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Written by morris

October 29, 2008 at 11:06 pm

Strong evidence supporting implanting RFID tags in humans is feasable.

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We humans are pretty restricted as to where we can travel anonymously. Cars have GPS, and can be pinpointedly located at anytime.
And even without a vehicle we cannot venture off into the wild. We will almost always be by a path, a road, another vehicle.
The fish require a large transmitter and receiver. They were followed for thousands of miles: California to Alaska. And with an unknown path (through water).
We can have a chip put in our luggage, our shoes, our bodies (teeth or any operation). I think mobiles (They can have their firmware updated remotely) can act as relays, receivers, and anyway they are bugs and giving off there locations anyway. (see video: Video: Our Mobile Phones can be a bug; How to check!)
All wireless devices are suspect of relaying information, alarm systems and GPS systems included.
In case you think this is just too paranoid.

This blog has had:
34 searches for ‘chips in people’
387 views of this web page: RFID Chips implanted inside people
Of course being eavesdropped upon is karmic: it will only happen if some people want to do it.
The following story is from the BBC and how fish were tracked:
By Mark Kinver
Science and environment reporter, BBC News


The tags gave researchers a unique insight into the behaviour of young salmon

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Written by morris

October 29, 2008 at 8:26 pm

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