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Socialism or Religion

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The communists didn’t like religion. And religion doesn’t like communism. If the demise of the Soviet Union was a battle between the two, then religion won.

Religion is the impotence of the human mind to deal with occurrences it cannot understand. Karl Marx


Now we are witnessing the rise of Government intervention and control again, by people who believe in God and the Free Market. They are doing this to save Free enterprise. In other words: the system is kaput. And humans were not big enough to create a man made system, especially one that ignored nature.


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Written by morris

September 28, 2008 at 10:50 pm

Marx, end of capitalism, and on Jewishness

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This is a repost (the 1st) from May 22, it seems relavent today.

There is such an inundation of news of the financial markets in near collapse. The experts over and over repeat it is bad, we can also witness this ourselves, by seeing the rising prices and probably less income. It is not hard to imagine the most powerful spending more than they have, principally on armaments, (personal indulgences would be petty). But we are talking of trillions going missing, and to waste that amount, can only be explained by empire building, to squander trillions isn’t easy, it required faulty logic to start with.

The whole debt driven economy seems to be coming to an end, but it was a philosophy, the credit cards and the mortgages.

Islam actually has laws governing the economy, one law was reprinted on this blog the other day, ‘that no financial transaction shall take place without the goods being delivered’, meaning no speculation.

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Written by morris

September 28, 2008 at 10:00 pm

Video: Money as debt 47 minutes H/T whatreallyhappened

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H/T whatreallyhappened

Written by morris

September 28, 2008 at 6:34 pm

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Haaretz: Israeli Defense Minister: Violent settlers must be punished

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A subject never approached re the settlers. They are living in new housing communities. Most uniform housing communities, like the British council estates built in the 60s and 70s created hooligans.

The sociological challenge is to consider the hooliganism that exists in planned housing estates worldwide. The biggest difference is every settler has a weapon.

Some housing estates were even abandoned, some knocked down, a lot of street crime, and violence. But in the west bank they are segregated communities, often American speakers are there. One could guess in the Army they are pretty aggressive, age 18 to 21or the 30 year old immigrant. And after they leave the army they want to help more. If you say:just move the settlers out of the west bank, that would actually be pretty difficult.

It is hard to believe that most Israelis wouldn’t want to return to 67 borders. They cite ‘security’, hell they have a big wall, move it to the 67 borders. Stop hunting Palestinians, it is creating human hunters. The question is in a referendum what would the Israelis do? It is dependent on the media, that is what shapes their mind.

If they are told truths of the consequences of not making peace, that would change enough minds.



Talk or action?

Israel is losing the Jews – is losing its own people – and all due to the settlers mentality.

It is like a religion gone wrong.

Can Israel save itself? There is a tsunami developing on every front. And the settlers are the pinnacle of the Hubris that led to the war on terror and the extraordnairy hand outs given to fat cats on Wall street, and yes it is all connected, they are all of the same family supporting Neocon beliefs.

And finance is also a part of the story.

The settlers are violent and the average Israeli is afraid of them.

All this conflict is because of the interpretation of the bible saying Israel is the holy land. And the settlers are religious.

Aren’t Feith and Rove and other Neocon names supportive of the settler movement!

And then there are the other Neocon white house appointees.

Getting one’s own house in order ………………..

Last update – 14:12 28/09/2008

Defense Minister: Violent settlers must be punished

By Yuval Azoulay, Haaretz Correspondent

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Sunday urged cabinet ministers to adopt a tougher stance on punishing West Bank settlers over violent acts against Palestinians.

Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Barak cited the unruly behavior of settlers who he said tended to take the law into their own hands, causing damage to Palestinian property.

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Written by morris

September 28, 2008 at 6:28 pm

Bernanke caught draining liquidity out of the system! Is the liquidity crisis engineered? Hello! Aotearoa

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If there are wars for profit against innocent Iraqis and Afghans, then why not confront Americans and innocents anywhere?

Bernanke caught draining liquidity out of the system. Is the liquidity crisis engineered?

Anyone who has taken the time to watch the full 3.5 hours of the 1995 documentary “Money Masters” knows that the Federal Reserve of new York and in fact any central banking system […] orchestrate world events such as booming economies, busting economies and wars. All in order to make more money. They don’t give a toss about anything or anyone but power and money. In this documentary the history of the privately owned banking system that has ruled the Western world over the past centuries is well documented and solid. In it the presenter describes how private bankers were able to influence the growth of economies by increasing the amount of money or decreasing economies by draining the liquidity.

Bankers (and I’m not talking about the local teller) have traditionally two ways of making Gargantuan profits in real wealth.

By manipulating the business cycle with the increase of liquidity so people can invest and grow wealthy and the decrease of liquidity so that economies collapse and they can buy assets for pennies on the dollar.

By creating conflict and financing wars on both sides while their business interests in other industries rake in obscene profits from war profiteering. (Banking and Oil interests are often very much in the hands of a few elite families such as the Rockefeller family, the Bush family to name a few.)

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Written by morris

September 28, 2008 at 2:36 pm

Using the Bailout as a ruse. Reuters Alertnet: With All Eyes on the Bailout, House Passes Trillion-Dollar Defense Bill

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The bailout is going to fail. If it passes it will create so much resentment, expect Mussolinis to be hung from lampposts.

It is anyway anything but the last bailout needed. All the wrongdoings of the financiers are floating to the top. There must be an alternative to the bailout. The bailout is a recipe for a quick revolution.

All seems lost, the entire Americana, Russia is a good example of how a country can turn around in a few years. Spain and Ireland also experienced tremendous growth until recently. In their cases because they joined the EU.

The financiers are nobodies friend. They are the captains of a sinking ship. The bailout will backfire. Its benefits won’t last two minutes. The people have had enough, and that includes all the middle ranking speculators as well.

The Jews and Zionists could save themselves by supporting Socialism, by instigating a revolution within. But no, they are led by those that want war and apartheid.

Last week more weapons got shipped to Israel, and the US House almost secretly passed a huge empire building bill. This a Reuters article: (BTW, there are many angry comments to be read on it).

With All Eyes on the Bailout, House Passes Trillion-Dollar Defense Bill
By Joshua Holland, AlterNet. Posted September 26, 2008.

On Wednesday, the House passed a mammoth defense bill by a 392-39 vote. It’s expected to clear the Senate with little difficulty next week.

It was part of a trillion-dollar stop-gap measure to keep programs running through next March, allowing lawmakers to skip town without passing a final budget. The Associated Press reports, “The legislation came together in a remarkably secret process that concentrated decision-making power in the hands of a few lawmakers.”

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Written by morris

September 28, 2008 at 1:18 pm

Economist: Intentional freezing up of lending markets is strategic behavior of big finance for profiting from the bailout

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This is so believable, that the financiers themselves should exploit and inflame the credit crisis. It is profitable for some, and the added fear and insecurity can be used to distract us from other things. For example giving 25B to the auto industry and passing huge defence budgets.

Updated: New York, Sep 27 20:03
London, Sep 28 01:03
Tokyo, Sep 28 09:03

Bloomberg Press

Hundreds of Economists Urge Congress Not to Rush on Rescue Plan

By Matthew Benjamin

Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) — More than 150 prominent U.S. economists, including three Nobel Prize winners, urged Congress to hold off on passing a $700 billion financial market rescue plan until it can be studied more closely.

In a letter yesterday to congressional leaders, 166 academic economists said they oppose Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s plan because it’s a “subsidy” for business, it’s ambiguous and it may have adverse market consequences in the long term. They also expressed alarm at the haste of lawmakers and the Bush administration to pass legislation.
“It doesn’t seem to me that a lot decisions that we’re going to have to live with for a long time have to be made by Friday,” said Robert Lucas, a University of Chicago economist and 1995 Nobel Prize winner who signed the letter. “The situation may get urgent, but it’s not urgent right now. Right now it’s a financial sector problem.”

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Written by morris

September 28, 2008 at 1:40 am

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