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Will the Jews be targeted if there is an economic upheaval?

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Will the Jews be targeted if there is an economic upheaval?

To some extent Yes. Yielding should help. And IF possible some soul searching. Take all that acumen and redirect it.

Jewish interest in finance is a legend. But it hasn’t worked this time, the financial acumen got funneled into the war on terror.

And words like ‘Deregulated & Market Forces’ are now getting a beating in noblehood.

Kharmic payback: adopt or adapt some economic laws from Islam. No speculation and a lot more. Sharia law (unfortunately from a popularity perspective) means God’s law.

Socialism / communism is appearing involuntarily in the US: Government takeovers and interventions. It is a sign of things to come. And that it came uninvited and unplanned for suggests a higher wisdom than typical human plans.

And untimely big executive payouts are still going on, which alienates those with less. Perhaps that is the intention?

To those in power there is something advantageous about chaos.

Maybe amidst chaos, people cannot see the wood for the trees? Cannot see the real objectives of those in power.

What alternative economic systems are a possibility for replacing our current (Jewish?) system?

Islamic Sharia Law, Cooperative banks.

Communism, No private financial or energy institutions. Major Government interventions, like Roosevelt’s. An amnesty on personal debt.

Barter: Food is destined to become a currency in itself.

Ron Paul: Real money gold standard, little Fed Govt. A lot of community responsibility.

Protectionism, customs duties for everything.

Ecological living (Red Indian): less consumerism, this could be most attractive in a peace seeking post war situation.

The biggest question of all: Does the near future have more or less wars? Wars mean more economic woes.


When things start falling apart, human nature starts to blame each other.

The inter banking / finance world is so interwoven, yet the European partners in the US must be very unhappy. They are only losing, when some entity goes bankrupt, they must sigh relief. Less losses for the foreign bankers.

Asia and the Gulf will rise through buying out. Will this alter the US’ policies? Will events on the ground just takeover?

Presumably and hopefully no one profits from social unrest. But considering the brutality of the last few years. Anything is possible.

There is a clip in a Monty Python movie of Mr Cohen in an intimidating way taking control of a company. It is unavailable on YouTube, maybe it is considered anti-semitic. The clip ends with a comment like: ‘Mr Cohen had anyway not understood the fundamentals of economics’.

Written by morris

September 18, 2008 at 3:46 pm

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