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Pakistan declares ceasefire when there is rising Russian US tension, is it hoping to align with Russia? The US escalates attacks

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The US knew exactly what it was doing when for the first time it launched ground troops into Pakistan. The decision came from the highest echelons of US strategic thinkers.

Everyone in Pakistan has called it a red line. Even when Musharaf was powerful he said no active US troops on Pakistan soil. Not so separately, last week, a Pakistani law maker said the US intends to break up Pakistan into smaller nation states.

Baluchistan has Gas reserves and a border to chief bogeyman Iran, and yes it was once an independent state.

Pakistan is in the throws of mayhem by all accounts. Rising food prices, balance of payments deficits and a sinking stock exchange. Probably in our globalised economy these events can be engineered from abroad. Certainly ever since Pakistan mastered the Nuclear Bomb, there has been disquiet amongst the Neocons. In fact disquiet should read alarm or panic. A Muslim nuclear bomb is a horror story for many.

Now; just last week Pakistan declared a ceasefire with the baddies in the tribal regions. On the pretext of the month of Ramadan. The Neocons don’t care about Ramadan. The timing of the ceasefire also coincides with rising animosity between Russia and the West. All of NATOs supplies in Afghanistan go through Pakistan or over Russia.

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Written by morris

September 4, 2008 at 9:20 pm

Gold & Silver price going down. There demand is up & production is down. Inflation is up. What is the scam?

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Without being an economist, it just does not make sense that Gold and Silver can be losing value. And they are! All the indicators point to it going up in value. Supply and demand:

Jason Hommel of silverstockreport.com […] the world “uses up more silver each year (about 850 million ounces) than the world mines (about 600 million ounces),..

The point is that, as Mr Hommel explains, “existing demand can only be met by selling existing inventory”, which can be extremely finite in a hurry


Ron Paul talks about the Central Banks shenanigans. It has been a long time since Fort Knox was audited. And the Fed has a policy of leasing Gold (& presumably silver). Now how it is possible to lease Gold (or silver) is an absolute mystery.

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Written by morris

September 4, 2008 at 2:43 am

Ukraine Govt. Falls: PM; “A dictatorship of stupidity, irresponsibility & chaos” What influence Russia, EU & the US?

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If we are witnessing a trend of diminishing Western / Neocon power, then we are also seeing the vacuum being taken up by the rising East, Russia and China.

Will we continue to totter along the same path? Perhaps with some musical chairs with our leaders and various elections.

The logical conclusion to changing path, philosophy and ethos, is a calling to account of those that have led us astray. This is not about revenge or justice. Just simply a way to bury and recognise the wrongs. The Western philosophy and actions have created its own adversaries, either in the form of insurgencies or in rising Russia (from the Iraq war raising the cost of oil) or in the Chinese work house which is now financing the US deficit.

The Neocon way is simply unsustainable. The ‘so called’ allies are bought out friends. And the possibility of either Russia or China out manoeuvring the chess pieces seem quite real.

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Written by morris

September 4, 2008 at 1:45 am

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