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Divining the News on the 28th of August, Georgia, Russia, NATO, Israel, Hizbollah News analysis and update.The following is the textual content which is in the 6 minute video.

Lebanon / Israel

On the 26th Israel has been conducting mock air attacks over central and eastern Lebanon. And today over Jezzine in Lebanon. We are left guessing just why these actions are taken, presumably they are a form of communication, likely in parallel to some talking. Hizbollah’s Nasrallah responded by saying any attack on Lebanon will destroy Israel. The unity government of Lebanon has not been very united, there are still no appointments for the head of the Army or security services.

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expirimental video removed

Israel keeps holding the disputed Shebaa farms, and conducting exercises, what bravado! Why not give them up, to the UN or whoever.

Jordan / Hamas

Jordan has recognised Hamas, who would coordinate with Hizbollah in any conflict.

Lebanese info was from Middeno.wordpress.com.

The Israelis don’t let go of things. A Hezbollah minister says if Iran is attacked then Hizbollah will immediately fire 11,000 missiles at Israel.

Persian Gulf Exersizes

Now from pressTV, an Iranian news agency, seemingly an official one.

The US and UK have started a Naval exercise in the Persian Gulf. To prepare for potential confrontation.

Iran has responded by saying its anti ship missiles have a range of 300 KMs thats 185 miles and that it will close the Straights of Hormuz in the event of conflict, where 40% of the worlds sea transported oil passes. Iran has also stated that because no area of Israel will be safe, it is most unlikely that Israel would attack Iran.

It’s curious that no one is saying the UK and the US are antagonistic because of Israel.



Russia: statements for the President and foreign minister are fearless.

If a Cold War appears that is OK, If contacts are broken with NATO that is also OK, and it seems that if there is more conflict then that is OK. PressTV is reporting Medvedev has said any NATO military actions towards Abkhazia or South Ossetia are a declaration of war. The Russian foreign Minister has said NATO has to make a choice whether to work with Georgia or Russia. And as for isolation, Lavrov laughed and said “I don’t know how they will do that.”

The Russian Navy ships in the eastern Mediterranean are now under Black sea command. One can only conclude that if there were hostilities in or around the Black Sea, then Russian ships in the Med could be called upon to act against Israel. No doubt Russian intelligence agencies see Israel as the culprit for the Western aggression.


German Industry has a very cosy relationship with Russia (and Iran) and is very concerned  about possible sanctions. Reuters reports nearly 5,000 German firms have a presence in Russia, and trade in the first half of this year was nearly 16 billion Euros.

And German investment last year was 14 billion euros. With big names like Volkswagen.

So Germany is doing all it can to cool the situation down.


Since the Georgian conflict started Ukraine’s President is asking to renegotiate its treaty with Russia regarding Russia’s Black Sea fleet. It is based in Ukraine’s port Sebastopol and the treaty expires in 2017. Russia is so far ignoring Ukraine’s protestations.

He does not have the backing of all his population, many who show allegiance to Russia, nor is the support of his Prime Minister assured. In fact with the US backing, he wouldn’t be saying anything. And the US means the current Neocon administration with its Israeli ties.



Two days ago the US announced it will send a US warship to the Georgian port Poti which has Russian soldiers in it. Hostilities were looking likely, then yesterday the US backtracked and sent its warship to a Georgian controlled port instead. This is to deliver humanitarian aid. The Russians are saying they include weapons, and that is okay. The US denies there are any weapons involved. But the Russians saying that it is okay sounds like, if you want more war, then that is okay.


Russia / NATO

Debka (and others) are reporting:

Russia‘s Col-General Nogovitsyn the deputy head of the Russian military is saying there are too many NATO warships in the Black sea. That they should not be increased or their stay extended. There are currently 10 NATO warships, with an expected increase to 18. Declared Humanitarian aid could be purchased at a local flea market. NATO ships have strategic weapons and some have come from as far Poland.

The flagship of the Russian Black sea fleet the missile cruiser the Moskva and 2 other missile cruisers are now berthed in Abkhazia. That is 150kms from NATO ships. The media is constantly discussing where this cruiser is and what it is doing. a couple of days ago it was announced the Moskva is going to make weapons testing in an undisclosed area of the Black Sea. This sent off alarm bells.



The Russian President Medvedev is meeting the presidents of Iran and China at a security meeting of the SCO, a grouping designed to stop NATO expansion. China has so far been circumspect. So far. Now the SCO has expressed understanding for Russia’s stance. Russia says this is a clear signal of support.

In an attempt to counter US growing hegemonic interest in the region, Russia and China, together with co-signatories, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan (coloured blue in the map), signed the ‘Treaty on Deepening Military Trust in Border Regions’, forming the ‘Shanghai Five’. Uzbekistan was admitted to the group in 2001 and it became known as the The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). Iran, Mongolia and Pakistan have all subsequently applied for membership to the SCO. At present they, together with Kazakhstan and India hold observer status (coloured green in the map).  Source


The German magazine BILT is reporting that the President of Georgia Saakashvilli is saying he will not attend an EU meeting on Georgia on Monday. He says he fears the Russians will block the airspace when he tries to return and not allow him back. The Russians want to try him for war crimes.

Saakashvilli / Shevardnadze

Der Speigel interviewed the former President of Georgia Shevardnadze. The interview made him sound level headed with an ability to deal with the russians and the Americans and as a desirable replacement. In fact Pravda is reporting the US embassy in Tbilisi has had enough of Saakashvilli and has a helicopter ready to take him into exile, where he can live in the USA again. He is 40 and American educated.

Surely he cannot remain in Power simply because of the losses he has incurred on his country, there was considerable opposition to him prior to this conflict.

The outlook

The outlook right now is for another neocon botched war. Like all the others in the last 8 years. The US has overwhelming superiority by all accounts. But its intelligence is lacking, it has had no experience with armies, only insurgencies. NATO is not united. NATO did not deliver the stern warnings that the US desired.

The French foreign minister has warned of the likelihood of war. The French foreign minister is now calling for sanctions against Russia. He reminds me of Peres of Israel, not long ago they were both doves on the left.


Russia is still allowing NATO to supply its Afghan operations by over flying Russian territory. Afghanistan is virtually lost already, with the Taliban ever closer to Kabul. Without the Russian over flight permission Afghanistan will really be lost much sooner.


Israel cannot stay out of the conflict, Russia is assisting Syria, Iran and Hizbollah. Israel has never had to face a formidable army before. And Israel has always worked on overkill, but the entire west has lost the plot. There is no ideology outside of greed. Israel has not condemned Russia for recognising the independence of the breakaway regions of Georgia.

More Outlook

Russia knows what it is doing. This was proved in Georgia.

There is likely to be another 4 day war. The US navy decimated, NATO disintegrates, heavy losses in Iraq and in Israel. Most of Europe will not participate.  The losses to the other side are not relevant, they are not the aggressors. And therefore they have more fortitude to fight. It is the US forces that are going into foreign lands. Russia’s entry into Georgia was provoked and is insignificant compared to the US’s worldwide activities.

If the war went beyond a week it would likely go Nuclear and bring in China on the side of Russia.

The reason for war is Israel’s nervousness at its enemies being strengthened and its fast eroding support base in the US.

The aftermath of a war would speed up the inevitable collapse of the dollar and the banking system. Leaving Israel to accept UN resolution 242.

The whole issue looks like a proxy war between Israel (the Neocons) and Russia.

Written by morris

August 28, 2008 at 8:20 pm

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  1. There is another actor that is non-governmental in the caspian. It is the caspian european oil cartel and its various NGO propaganda and intelligence fronts.

    ee: Private Intelligence Functions in the Caspian
    DATA ALMANAC: Caspian Councils from Julaybib.com


    August 28, 2008 at 9:43 pm

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